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A thought my brain just had 

"Huh, my phone feels really heavy. I should delete some files off of it."

The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

By the way, you can search for my username ("rheall") on the Sims 4 Gallery and download any of these sims there. Just have to make sure you have CC checked. ^^

And as always, I'm happy to direct you to any CC you like the look of. πŸ‘

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The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

Downloaded some more CC, was just fooling around with it. This is Sylvia.

Finally found more freckles that I like. ^^

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Was reminded of this old fanart of young, preteen Moana from a few years ago. Thought I'd share it for you all again. :)

Currently trying out MusicBee, and so far I'm very impressed. :da_grin:

🎡 🐝

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Recs plz! Podcast sub services/software 

Does anyone have any suggestions for good Windows/web-based Podcast subscription services?

I used to use iTunes for all my podcast needs, but since moving to a Windows machine I've found it more difficult to use/get into. I'd love to have something that could manage podcast subscriptions and keep track of what I've listened to and such.

The Sims 4, silly, somewhat lewd 

We've all been there, amirite

The inimitable Molly Lewis wrote a song about , you should listen to it: :kk_slider:

It's so wholesome and sweet and lovely and I love it so much 😭 :acnh_leaf:

RimWorld modding issues 

So I finally went back to Rimworld after months of not playing. Since then the Royalty DLC has arrived, plus a couple of major updates, so a bunch of my mods were out of date.

So I went through and found updated versions of most of them and started a game and everything's hunky dory despite a couple small bugs. Except this one, which is big:

ACNH, wildfire mention 

Booted up tonight to find the atmosphere in-game was a little hazy, which was eerie because Vancouver, BC is currently smothered under a dense cloud of wildfire smoke blowing up from WA, OR, and CA.

Then a common butterfly flew by, which looks suspiciously like a hemlock looper moth, and I felt a chill go down my spine (We are also experiencing a plague of them right now, they're everywhere 😬)

The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

This is Jo. She's a huge fan of British Punk. Loves watching the footie game with her mates and rockin' it at the house party after hours. 🀘

(Sorry for the clichΓ©s, I couldn't resist. :da_sweat: )

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It's nearly The Critical Hit Show time! 🀩

If you like improvised fantasy roleplaying, check it out: Starts at 7pm PST!

So many good options for alternatives to !nktober out there. :D

I'm personally going to try ; where you draw things *in* your comfort zone, and generally celebrate what you love to draw and have fun. ☺️

But there's also , where you celebrate your OCs and the OCs of your friends, as well as , , and more.

Are you planning on doing one of these? If so, what are you aiming for?

Holy crap, it's art :pika:

Getting a head start on . This is about all I have the energy/patience for anymore these days…

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