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The inimitable Molly Lewis wrote a song about , you should listen to it: :kk_slider:

It's so wholesome and sweet and lovely and I love it so much 😭 :acnh_leaf:

RimWorld modding issues 

So I finally went back to Rimworld after months of not playing. Since then the Royalty DLC has arrived, plus a couple of major updates, so a bunch of my mods were out of date.

So I went through and found updated versions of most of them and started a game and everything's hunky dory despite a couple small bugs. Except this one, which is big:

ACNH, wildfire mention 

Booted up tonight to find the atmosphere in-game was a little hazy, which was eerie because Vancouver, BC is currently smothered under a dense cloud of wildfire smoke blowing up from WA, OR, and CA.

Then a common butterfly flew by, which looks suspiciously like a hemlock looper moth, and I felt a chill go down my spine (We are also experiencing a plague of them right now, they're everywhere 😬)

The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

This is Jo. She's a huge fan of British Punk. Loves watching the footie game with her mates and rockin' it at the house party after hours. 🤘

(Sorry for the clichés, I couldn't resist. :da_sweat: )

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It's nearly The Critical Hit Show time! 🤩

If you like improvised fantasy roleplaying, check it out: Starts at 7pm PST!

So many good options for alternatives to !nktober out there. :D

I'm personally going to try ; where you draw things *in* your comfort zone, and generally celebrate what you love to draw and have fun. ☺️

But there's also , where you celebrate your OCs and the OCs of your friends, as well as , , and more.

Are you planning on doing one of these? If so, what are you aiming for?

The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

Here's another! Everyone, this is Navneen. She's outgoing and wants to be a friend of the world. :da_w00t:

The dress has a lovely metallic effect and shines as she moves. :da_love:

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Folks, the Frontier games and are on sale on Steam this weekend! I highly recommend them; Planet Zoo in particular has become one of my favourite go-to games. 😍

ACNH, animated gif 

Zucker: So, I was thinking it might be time to mov-


The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

Because I've been having so much fun here's another. ☺️ This is Fay Calloway. She's creative, a music lover, and unflirty af. :heart_sp_ace: She has aspirations to be a Renaissance Sim. :da_w00t:

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The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

Another Sim for tonight. :da_boogie: This is Adelita. 💪 She has ambitions to be a body builder.

Found this hair and wanted to use it on someone. I love the swoopy bangs. :da_love: It's called Bee-Bee Hair by Spider Fires. You can download it here:

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Wedding photos, eye contact 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my wonderful partner, Dennis. ☺️ It was the best day, spent with the best people, and I'm so happy to be a part of his life. <3

The Sims 4 - Sim Sharing 

Did a bit more sim making today. Meet Sydney Blaise!

All custom content this time; been slowly dipping my feet into custom clothes. Gosh, it's a lot. :da_sweat: Feel free to message and ask if there's any CC you see that you'd like!

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Okay, shutting down a little early… sorry folks. Just getting a headache. ^^; Thanks for watching! :da_cuddle:

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