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ACNH - Gala 

Not sure if this is a thing I can do… but Gala is visiting my campsite. Does anyone want to try inviting her to stay at their own island? (I don't know if campers work like that, please let me know if I'm wrong!)

She's very cute, she's just not for me. ^^;

ACNH - Anyone want Kitty? 

Hello, folks! Kitty is moving away from my island today. I thought I'd throw this out there in case someone wanted to come over and nab her. ^^

I'm pretty sure you need an empty/free spot in your island already, but I'm not sure. Either way, if you'd like to ask her to your island, let me know, I can DM you a dodo code!

I've been playing a little bit of lately in between Animal Crossing sprints… ^^

I'm not very good at taking in-game photos, but I'm trying to get better!

(I just really like Giraffes and Zebras, okay??)

ACNH - Island Planning 

Decided to bring my town map into :clip_studio_paint: and try my hand at designing.

Hmmmmmmm. :thinking_rotate:


I dropped 130,000 bells on a whirlpool bathtub today and I don't regret it in the slightest.

💸 💸 💸

ACNH - Stalk Market 

Once more I'm here to appeal to folks; if you have good prices, please let us know under the hashtag!

I need something more than 95 bells per turnip to make my money back this week… :da_sweat: Your help will be incredibly appreciated!

(My prices have hovered between 60-80 bells this week, so I'm a lost cause!)


So I thought it would be funny if Bangle said "kinky" as her catchphrase, but it's backfired and spread like wildfire now EVERYONE is saying "kinky" all the time and I don't know how to feel about it XD

Also, go ahead and make an [#]Introductions post! Post some work, say a little about yourself and your interests. People will be more willing to say hi if they know a little bit about you. :bob_ross:

If you want a good art account to follow, give @Curator a look; that's the admin account of Mastodon.ART. It regularly boosts art and artists from all over the :fediverse: Fediverse. :louis_toots_too:

@maassive @marian @rachelcherryart @greathouse

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Ooof. What a great weekend.

Even though we weren't able to meet up in the Alaskan wilderness and spend five days internet-less eating s'mores around a campfire, it still *felt* like we were in our own little world.

Alaska Robotics Comics Camp truly is something special. 💗 Here's to next year! 🏕️

There is no algorithm here that will throw posts and users in front of your eyes, you kind of have to search for them. The best way to do that is to use the search bar to look for hashtags you're interested in; [#]MastoArt is a popular one! Be curious, click around, look at peoples follow lists, and follow anyone who seems interesting. :bowie_stardust: @maassive @marian @rachelcherryart @greathouse

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Just wanted to throw out a Hello and Welcome to some new users!

👋 @maassive @marian @rachelcherryart @greathouse 👋

Let me know if ever have any questions! Your timelines might look really quiet, but that's because you need to start following some folks. ^^ I can always give suggestions!

This is also a good thread to read for new users:


Hey folks, I may be a little quieter this weekend than usual. has gone digital this year, so I may be distracted by zoom calls and other related things. ^^

Just @ me or DM me of you need anything! 💞

I love seeing everyone's ACNH screenshots.

Keep sharing them! I love seeing little glimpses of your island homes. :da_love:

🏝️ 💚

(You can see mine here: @Rheall_ACNH )

So these exist, and


there goes my money… :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:


(100% of the net proceeds go to charity, too! :da_faint: )

Looking forward to the day millennials turn 69 years old and the world is deafened by friends around the world saying "nice" in cacophonous unison

ACNH - Custom Design (Green Waves w/ Fish) 

Put my Green Waves w/ Fish dress up on Nook's Island custom designs database: ☺️

I'll never find the right shade of pink to effectively portray her magnificence

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