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The Dropkick Murphys are livestreaming their St. Patrick’s Day concert from an empty club in Boston right now:

There is absolutely no way I can justify it, but dang do I want another one of @xxyxxyart's Mastodon necklaces 😭

Somebody better buy this little cutie and put me out of my misery:

Take a moment to reflect and remember Rosemary Brown, a Canadian icon for racial and sexual equality. ✊

There's also , which is a FREE and simpler alternative to if you'd like to get a start with 3D modelling:

And of course, the standard FOSS 3D modelling and animation software, :


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Of course there are also kickass FREE open source illustration/digital art software in and :


And vector illustration software :


Try a few different things and see what works best for you! :bob_ross:

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Hey folks, is currently 50% off until March 17th:


If you'd like a fully featured and kick ass illustration software with no subscription fees please give it a look! I haven't used Photoshop since I bought it. :da_love:

This has always frustrated me.

Seriously, what's stopping them from letting us input an address as our "home" address and letting that info be stored locally for our own use? Why do they need to track our movements in order to let us use this feature?


If you're looking for some amazing art for yourself their art account is here: @pollomostro And they have a page where you can request commissions here:

They do avatars and AMAZING pet portraits! Get on it! :da_w00t:

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Oh my gosh… @pollomostro did it again. 😭 :da_love:

New Avatar! :da_la: Thank you so much, Pollo! :da_dance:

Being an adult means getting excited when there's a 2-for-1 deal on toilet paper. 🚽 ✔️

(Also, this is a combination of both my comics and my SO's comics, but the majority of them are mine. :da_sweat:)

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It's funny how I look at these and think "Wow, that's a lot of books" but also think "Man, there are so many great comics I still don't have 😭"

I shall never be satisfied I suppose! ^^;


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I know I don't post about comics very often lately, but they're still my first love. I thought I'd take some time to share . 😊

(Also a few of my crafting and art books and other miscellany)


The ComicsCamp.Club local timeline may be slow and quiet, but it is full of the most excellent folks, and they make me so happy.

Thank you for being so awesome, Campers. ☺️ :bear_hugs:

Man, the movie City Slickers (1991) has no right being as good as it is. 🐂 🏜️ 🤠

Willy! 🎣

I'm really happy with how he turned out. :da_grin:

(Redrafted because I forgot to change the privacy level of the toot… d'oh!)

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Controversial opinion: Glue sticks were the superior elementary school glue.

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I mean, other than using it to glue pieces of construction paper together, which was a horrible idea, because the construction paper would wrinkle and become a soggy mess and everything would get sticky and take forever to dry.

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In our elementary school supply list there was always a bottle of white glue listed. I don't remember ever using it at any point; mainly I remember making drops of white glue on the metal on the inside of my desk, waiting for it to dry, peeling it off, and using the piece of resulting plastic as a sort of worry stone. That or slathering it on the back of my hand and peeling it off in sheets once it dried.

Seriously, was there any other use for white glue at that age? :thinking_rotate:

My SO just informed me that "swole" was an answer in the NYT Crossword he was working on.

We really do live in the future, y'all.

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