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Getting closer… :da_dance:

[A checklist of the names of all the characters in Stardew Valley with portraits. Hidden for potential spoilers.]

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And just thought I'd post these here for posterity… I finished Harvey, Jas, Sebastian, Pierre, Elliott, and Shane first, but I haven't included them in this thread yet. Here they are. ^^

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I've been really enjoying working on this Stardew Valley portrait mod project lately. There's very little brain involved; the game already did all the designing and posing and colour choosing and all that jazz. I'm just "redrawing" them, so to speak, and it's very relaxing. Especially because I get to play around with pixel art!

Also started another :knitting: project… yes, *another* one. I'll finish one of these projects eventually. :frida_y_animalitos:

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Kent! :da_salute:

(Marked as sensitive just in case someone doesn't want to see a mid-game character. ^^)

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For some reason every year so far we've made tacos of some sort for dinner when I've done HCD.

Will this year continue the trend…?? :thinking_rotate: Tune in tomorrow to find out! :da_boogie:

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Ah geeze it's Hourly Comics Day tomorrow XD

Every year I think "Ugh, that's so much work, do I have to…??" And every year I'm so glad that I did it.

C'mon Heather, time to psych yourself up… 😤

You can see my previous HCD comics here:

Oh no, I made Gunther handsome :O

(And George, though I’m not that happy with him. Going to make some edits.)

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(It runs the last Wednesday of every month at the Rio Theatre. ^^)

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If you're in Vancouver and have any interest in live improvised comedy and/or D&D/fantasy, I highly recommend you give the show a try. It's been running for many years now to huge audiences and just keeps getting better and better.

Plus the people who run it are really great folks. :D

(Featuring my art of the characters below!)

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That music video features Bif Naked driving a tank in downtown Vancouver, so she's pretty much my hero 💪

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Hello, I'm Heather, aka. Rheall. I'm an artist and of Mastodon.ART and ComicsCamp.Club

🌿 Maker of @FriendsOfSam and (both on hiatus)
🌿 Owner of :squishygecko: @Squishy and :ailapup: @Aila
🌿 One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎✍️
🌿 🍁, polite and non-confrontational to a fault
🌿 White ace cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England
🌿 Portfolio:

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