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I'm still pretty proud of this lineup of Sables I made when trying to figure out her look.

I ended up going a completely different direction stylistically, but this was still very helpful to decide how I wanted her to look in the end. ☺️

You can read the first chapter here:

Your regular reminder of one of the best pieces of animation Smallbü has ever made:

And if anyone would like to try colouring it themselves, here's the transparent line art. :blobpeek:

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_us:

[CW: Eye contact]

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This is the closest I've ever gotten to drawing in an anime style… :da_sweat:

Just a portrait of Hilda from . I ended up liking her a heck of a lot more than I thought I would! :da_giggle:

[CW: Eye contact]

The doggie daycare I used to work at posted this photo of Tegan the sheltie and I'm just like


Lest you think I’m actually just this good at drawing clouds, you should check out the free brushes I used for :clipstudiopaint: from the Asset library:

Cloud Brush Set:

Sky colours gradient set:

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My awesome friend Shing Yin Khor has been sharing images from their graphic novel on Twitter, with the horse/ungulate drawings I penciled for them to help them out!

Check it out here:

Ponies! :blobpatpat:

3 Things that aren't in my profile:

1. I played clarinet for eight years in school. I miss it a lot. (I was first chair, but that doesn't mean much 'cos my high school band sucked.)

2. My second choice of major in college/uni was Geography… third choice Physical Anthropology!

3. I can usually identify different kinds of manure just by smell. Yay for being a farm kid! ;)

I was tagged by @David_A_Webcomic! :da_dance: I tag: @nebulos @pollomostro @virtualwolf (if you want to!)

Fire Emblem: Three Houses silliness 

Me playing : Man, these characters talk about tea *a lot*.

Then I wondered: maybe it's just a Golden Deer House thing. Maybe the other houses have their own thing…?

Maybe the Black Eagles have a thing for whisky. Maybe the Blue Lions are really into weed.

Yup, new headcanon: Prince Dimitri getting blazed and Edelgard getting shitfaced in the mead hall, all while Claude and the rest are sipping tea, well against their "scheming" reputation.


Facetious toot 

Introverts recharge by locking themselves in a dark closet and sitting in silence for a minimum of six hours

Extroverts recharge with jägerbombs

The only thing I've managed to draw since I decided to start sketching again… still, not bad after so much time away from it! ^^

A little portrait of Flayn from .

I thought it would be helpful for me to see a bunch of my various body study drawings all laid out in one place, so see if it would help inspire me to draw more.

You can see them all here: (CW: NSFW/Nude drawings in the link!)

It's not perfect, but it's getting there! Only another inch to go before I can start shaping the arm holes. Aaaaah, I've never gotten this far on a sweater project before, I'm so excited! :da_la:

My new knitting needles arrived today!! :da_la:

For my birthday I bought myself a set of Knit Picks Caspian interchangable circular knitting needles. They are SO PRETTY, and so smooth, it's like I'm knitting with butter (in a good way)!

Aaaah, I'm so pleased with them. :da_love:

You can get your own here: :knitting:

Me: I dunno, I've read a lot about leos and I really don't think it describes me at all

Other person: That's funny, every leo I've ever met has said the same thing

Me: :pika:

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