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@nebulos said we could join in so here's my addition. The Shipping News by Annie Proulx. This is one of those books I've read over and over again. Annie pulls you in, paints pictures in your head, and leaves you wondering what day/time it is and where you might have wandered off to.

It also features several fun knot-based illustrations on chapter pages.

Technically not on my bookshelf, since I'm currently reading it, but I picked up a copy of Warped Passages by Lisa Randall. It's a layman's explanation of gravity, particle physics, and string and brane theory, what the questions are and how physicists are trying to find answers to them. I'm feeling a need to give my brain a stretch, and it's doing a decent job of it.

Hello Campers!

Just wanted to say I'm happy you're here. πŸ’š

Take care! β›Ί 🌌 🌲

When friends complain about Twitter, you tell them to try Mastodon and they then say nahhh there's so little people there

The results of today's stream, a few props for my game. It was a short stream today because for some reason I'm super yawny ;_;


Another picture of a young, svelte Squishy. πŸ’š #MastoGeckos #CrestedGecko #CorrelophusCiliatus #Gecko #Crestie #Lizard #Reptile #Pet #Pets #MastoPets

tried doing a study using only the polygon lasso tool and no texture
hard but a lot of funπŸ‘ŒπŸ½

A friendly reminder that if you want more on your feed, give @Squishy a follow. :dance_cool_doge:

πŸ’š :squishygecko: πŸ’š

Aye beautiful people.

In the society we inhabit, there is a lot of shame around asking for help. Although we exist in a culture that exploits literally everything we do to benefit a few people, we are magically supposed to figure out a way to be ok.

Fuck that.

Your value as a person has nothing to with how much you produce for people that do not care an inch about your well being.

Doing what you need to do in said society is a noble act.

As Malcolm X famously said, "By any means necessary"

My Patreon page is live now!

There's already one drawing up in early access for Patreons, and one is scheduled for tomorrow. From here on out, things I post will appear there first! ✨

I've marked the page NSFW so that I can post any images with nudity I might make in the future, but that also means my page won't show up in searches on Patreon, so I would greatly appreciate it if you boosted this toot or shared it with people. πŸ’–

#mastoart #Patreon

Had a really cool 2018, and did a lot of drawing and painting. I also had tons I couldn't show here (NDA) so I had to get creative with what I did share. I think I've grown a lot :D Here's to 2019!

#artsummary2018 #artsummary #summaryofart2018 #summaryofart #artistsontwitter #art #creativetoots #mastoart

I mention all this because as much as twitter sucks, art directors and other employers DO check twitter tags like this for artists they'd like to work with.

I know everyone hates twitter, but if you have an account and you're looking for work, now's a good time to join the #PortfolioDay tag.

Pick 3-4 pieces you're proud of, that represent the work you want to do. (I.e., if you're an aspiring character artist, post characters. Don't just post environments.)

Make sure to actually say what you want to work in, if you're available, and where clients can find you IN your tweet! I.e., email, portfolio site links, etc.

Good luck, everyone!

BTW, if anyone would like a second pair of eyes on their Portfolio Day post, to double-check things, I'm happy to help.

WANDER is my upcoming comic about a tiny magic robot recovering his lost memories.

I managed to make so much progress in my art and in this story over the course in 2018. In 2019, I'll be launching this little passion project.

#art #mastoart #creativetoots #comics

Happy #PortfolioDay!
I'm a digital artist. Looking for commissions (e.g. album art, tattoo design, concept art, book covers). A full tarot deck is also in the making. :)


#art #illustration #mastoart

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