@shahaan As the name suggests, we'd definitely be a fun summer camp in the woods. S'mores, camp fires, songs, crafts, hiking, teaching and learning, silly but practical uniforms, fun traditions, rhymes, and mythology, clubs, games, learning about friendship and creativity in a natural atmosphere… 🏕️ ☺️ :camp_counselor:

new pokemon game spoiler; fanart 

@Mellifloss vulpix ;______;

@Curator A general rule of thumb:

If you have a warm light, you have a cool shadow. The shadow can often be the complimentary colour of your light. And vice versa for both of these.

You have warm yellow sunlight? 💛 Try a cool, purple shadow! 💜

Cool, blueish light? 💙 Try a warmer, orangey shadow. 🧡

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it can really help break out of the shadow=black idea and give more depth to your shading. ☺️

Don't get me wrong, I won't be getting one of these any time soon. It's too expensive to just buy on a whim. But it's something I'll think long and hard about, and see if I can't work out a saving plan.

It would be nice to try, at any rate. I miss playing music. 💗

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But I love playing clarinet SO MUCH. I don't think I could commit to playing with a concert band any time soon (that and I'd need a LOT of practice to get back to a playable level), and it seems like a waste to get lessons on an instrument I won't be playing with other people.

I dunno. I've been stuck on playing my clarinet for decades now.

The EWI, though… this would be SUCH a fun way to interact with and experiment with music, in a way that makes sense to me.

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I miss making music. I miss it a lot. But the problem with playing clarinet is that it's not easy to play casually, on your own… you can play melodies and some solos, sure, but the instrument shines when it's played in accompaniment with other instruments.

That, and it's pretty loud. It's tricky to practice clarinet and not have that constant worry in the back of your head that you're bothering people. It's just hard to pick up and use, you know?

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After watching a few youtube videos… dang, this looks SO up my alley.

My main difficulty with making music nowadays is that I want to do so electronically, but to do so I'd have to learn piano (or alternatively electric guitar or something) to use as a midi-controller input.

But being able to use a woodwind-style instrument as a midi controller? That's SO EXCITING to me! :D

Time to save up for an EWI Solo, I think… ($700 CAD, though, :oof:)

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How did it take me this long into my lifespan to learn that EWIs (Electronic Wind Instruments) exist

I have a mighty NEED :possum_rawr:

@SunScales I don't know which emojo I like best in response to this

:mood: or :praxis_100:

@Prof_Trixie Mint is fine, but a smidge too cool for my taste. 😋

@Curator Here's my "workspace"! I haven't had a dedicated art space/desk of my own since two moves ago… but that's okay! I get along really well with my lap desk and iPad on the settee in the living room. :)

You can see my pile of unfinished knitting projects in the top left corner of the first image. I also have a small shelf in the corner of the bedroom covered in art supplies that I'll sometimes dig out and use on the coffee table or dining table.

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