This is my first time participating in , and I'm a bit nervous… should be good fun, though! I was sorted into Team Spice, so let's do this! :da_la:

Here's my profile if you want to peruse or follow:

(Template here:

Decided to change her name from Vaea to Taani… I'll edit and reupload her picture to the website tomorrow. :da_sweat:

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So I made an profile:

And a new OC to go with it: ☺️ This is Vaea! I've been wanting to make a little ewe character for a while now. :)

:masto_comic: ComicsCamp.Club is a wonderful little community of comics-loving folks with a quiet local timeline of personal webcomics, creative projects, cat/pet posting, and idle musing.

I love it. ☺️ :da_cuddle:

Found a five-leafed clover today. 😊 Smile when you see it for extra luck! πŸ€+πŸƒ 🌠

Closed now! Thank you to everyone who dropped by. :da_cuddle:

(If you missed anything or left anything behind, let me know! I can always open up for you again.)

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Okay Mastodon folks! Opening up my island again for a little while.

:turnip: Turnips selling for 503 :ac_bells: bells each!

Dodo Code: HTKKD

No tips necessary. Just be kind, and leave via the airport when you go home. <3

Keep an eye on the replies to this toot in case I need to update the code or close for whatever reason. :)

Queue is closed for now! I have some errands and chores to run today, then I'll come back and post another Dodo Code just for Mastodon peeps tonight. :turnip:

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Locking the queue soon, because we have to leave in a couple of hours to walk the dog and I want to make sure everyone in line can get through before then. ^^

I'll open up again just for Mastodon folks later tonight. :acnh_leaf:

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So there's a thing going around where we post art we made at the beginning of high school vs. art we make now? Is there a proper hashtag for this somewhere XD

Either way, here's mine. An old D&D character from 2001 when I was 13, and a re-draw of an old OC done early 2019. :da_w00t:

We all have to start somewhere. :da_sweat:

Did you know that my avatar is NOT a photo, but an amazing work of digital art? It's true!

The fantastic @pollomostro painted it, and they have commissions available where you can get avatars and pet portraits done, among other things! Check out what they offer here:

Thank you so much, again, for my avatar, Pollo. :da_cuddle:

[CW for eye contact.]

White folks: Please support and uplift the black folks in your circle, and outside of it. Amplify their voices.

Please visit and support these black artists, and any other folks you know:


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