Cleaned the birdbath water and replaced the hummingbird nectar today. Also put out a new suet cake and topped up the (hot pepper) bird seed.

Happy birds. ^^

:chickadee: :hummingbird:

Has anyone played the game Wylde Flowers?

Would it be a good Switch game, or is it better to play with a keyboard/mouse?

Asking because I'm always looking for more Switch games, but sometimes the control schemes are lacking. I much preferred Stardew Valley on PC than I did on Switch, for example.

Thank you! <3

Here's some advice for those of y'all who have dishwashers:

Clean the drain filters. Regularly. Once a month if you can.

I'm going to have PTSD about this. SO much caked on greasy black sludge from possible YEARS of renters who never cleaned the dang thing x__x

Seriously. It was bad, y'all.

I've been posting a lot of depressing stuff lately, so here, have a picture of @Aila being hella cute and getting some love. :ailapup: :blobpatpat:

Started my first intarsia knitting project last night and dang, I am having so much trouble keeping track of all the different bobbin's/threads XD

@evilchili You'll get there some day, I'm sure of it!

Next time you're in Vancouver don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd be happy to show you and your family around. :da_grin:

Also; I'm sorry I haven't shipped your fox painting yet! I've been trying to gather some shipping materials to make sure it's well protected, and I just haven't been feeling well enough to go to the post office yet.

But it'll get to you soon, I promise!

@evilchili We also regularly cook from his cookbooks, which are amazing and super accessible. So if you ever want a taste of it at home, look them up! :D

@evilchili It's definitely worth it. ^^ My SO first visited Vij's back in 2001 or so, and we've been going there for special occasions ever since, and Vikram still recognizes him every time he walks in the door. He's such a wonderful man, and he loves walking the dining room, refilling water glasses and chatting with folks, getting to know them.

The fact that the food is amazing too is a bonus. 😁

@extinct A voice echoes in the recesses of my mind…


@whalefall I might be having a hell of a time trying to find proper care right now with our overburdened health care system, but I wouldn't trade it for a privatized one for anything. :(

Worked on this a little more tonight. ^^ Just did the branch. Feeling a little nervous about starting the bird, but I'll get to it eventually! 😅


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@sikkdays from what I understand, prep h constricts blood vessels, which is how it helps with hemorrhoids. On the face it does something similar, constricting blood vessels, which in turn makes the face less puffy, hence making eye bags less noticeable.

I haven't tried it, but that's how I understand it!

LotR meme image, weird faces 

A friend shared this with me, and holy crap

Goldo is pure nightmare fuel 🤮

And one more link, because I love this too:

Eric explaining a change of showtime, with our good friend the Crime Wizard making an appearance. (Art by me!) :da_grin:

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So I know I shared these videos a while ago, but I wanted to share this one!

My good buddy Eric Fell is an amazing writer and comedian, and he runs a fantasy RPG improv show once a month at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver.

In addition to drawing a comic for him, I also did some character designs and assets so he could do these silly animations!

So here it is being shown live, with audience reactions:

I love these so much!

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