yeah so I ended up having to pay for my summer class out of pocket so I am even broker than broke right now. wish I could take more commissions to make some $ but I'm also..... just exhausted 😥

If you'd like to check out my Ko-fi page and maybe spread it around a bit, that'd be swell!

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Hey, if you haven’t played @QuestForTori ’s splendid Secret Little Haven, it’s half off in the Steam summer sale, and soon to be discounted on too!

This and Undertale are the only two games I’ve finished and then never replayed: not because they wouldn’t be worth it, but because trying to revisit an experience that powerful, other than in memory, just wouldn’t work.

Go play it. If you want to and can’t swing the $, @ me, I’ll gift it.

Bfnddb @ Everyone wishing me happy birthday: I LOVE U ID DIE FOR U ❤️ :lies_down:

It's okay if you didn't get it all done today.

Hey, just a reminder you'll get a free mini print if you support me on patreon 🌟
Details here:

Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

if you're donating to gdq all i'll say is consider matching that donation to any queer/poc/disabled person's paypal/gofundme/etc

Hey maybe try not reacting immediately and take a second to chill and listen. I dunno

So it seems that @write_as bots saw the plain URLS I added to the post as spam and auto blocked them, it didn't have anything to do with the content.

I'm now able to make the post jsut fine, take a look.

So judging by how a lot of fedi devs have been talking recently I'd like to point out that @Are0h is working on (actually) privacy- and safety-conscious social media that will allow for commercial transactions, which I'm sure would appeal to at least a majority of people here on .art. If you all haven't already you should check it out. His entire instance and all the people there are also pretty cool!

Anytime I get a Kofi my heart swells three times and I Almost Cry gfnHFMDBD

I'm baby and welcome to Real Baby Hours

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