In other news, I made a couple more moss terrariums and a pebble tray to try to increase humidity in my little plant corner.

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Plant help needed! A sad tomato. :( 

Plant help needed! A sad tomato. :( 

The cactus is Darla, I love her

And Catia, who may be small, but they're spectacular!

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Also, I am so charmed by this adorable little low-key houseplant growing browser game

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Mastodon culture is like

I see a friend post a toot

I don't even read it or look at the images first, I just fav it right away 'cos I know it's gonna be good

Does anyone want to know what it's like to be married to someone who occasionally plays (ie. becomes briefly obsessed with) ?

Last night, SO: "I'm sick, so Dwarf Fortress is the perfect, low key game to play while I recover."

Today, SO: "I'm starting new game. I think I'm going insane. I have plans to build the most ambitious fortress I've ever made. Pray for me."

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, sturdy wireless mouse with a nice scroll wheel that "clicks" as you scroll with it?

Rechargeable would be nice, but not required. Cheap would also be better. ^^;

@sikkdays Having the paper show through is a major part of Watercolour. It's how you show "whites". Using separate white pigments or pigments that match the paper colour would defeat the purpose of the medium, which is its translucency. :)

So it's absolutely fine letting the paper show through with watercolour! I think the only place where that's "frowned upon" is canvas works, but even then it's merely a suggestion. ;)

Still really pleased with this braid doodle from a few years back.

Made with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in a softcover sketchbook.

@sikkdays Lots of frame shops will have cheap bins full of mat off-cuts. You can usually pick up nice pieces of mat board for a few cents each, and take them home and use an exacto-knife/bevel cutting exacto knife to cut the mats to fit your work yourself. :)

Then you should be able to fit them to cheap mass-produced frames in common sizes. You can sometimes find lots of these for cheap if you check thrift stores!

The soundtrack to Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) is still a masterwork.

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