I've recently started trying to drink tea in the mornings, and so far my favourite is to have both an Earl Grey tea bag and a Lemon & Ginger teabag steep together in the same mug.

Super tasty; you get the caffeine from the Earl Grey, but the really lovely sharp, spicy ginger taste that makes it super refreshing.

10/10, would recommend. ^^ :chick_tea:

15 Years later. I honestly haven't touched DA for years, hence why it's all unfinished with these new profile designs. X)

Throwback to May 31, 2006 when I was jazzed at having 10,000 pageviews on DeviantART. XD

@aoife I'm very sorry for any irritation I may have caused, I wish you all the best in your endeavours!

@aoife I have *so many mods* on my RimWorld saves, I don't think it's very recognizably the same game anymore. X)

Maybe check out which mods are the most downloaded for these games? That might tell you a bit about what people would like!

Just some lovely evening light on my flower boxes. I'm so happy my snapdragons are flowering!! 😍 My sweet peas, too! They smell lovely. 😊

@ossifog It's one of my all time favourite games, and I'm really not a shooter fan in general. The story and characters are so great, and the world building is fantastic.

Admittedly, #1 might feel a bit old fashioned and a bit more of a slog, but it's honestly so worth it. #2 is one of the best games ever made, and #3 is a fantastic ending to a massive story.

But YMMV of course! ^^ It's entirely up to you.

I just couldn't let this day go uncelebrated ✨

Happy Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Day to all the other N7 nerds out there!! 🥰

(You can see more of my cringy sims stuff here: rheallsim.tumblr.com)

@Vhalesa It's *so* much fun! :D There are already a few things I've noticed and I'm like "How the heck do I trigger that action/event/interaction ಠ_ಠ" I'm super into it. Determined not to look up walkthroughs or spoilers yet, though. XD

@vicorva Aww, yay! I hope you enjoy it, I *love* Pokémon media that explores pokémon just… you know, being themselves. I love the wildlife researcher angle, how it's all about observing rather than catching/collecting/battling. :D

@SunScales Yeah, I think the Requests feature is the thing that bugs me the most. X) I love that it hints at cool interactions and things you can discover, but yeah, a lot of the time I've already seen them/photographed them at least once, and other times it doesn't even recognize the photo I took of the event so it'll trigger the Request as completed. It's a bit frustrating.

But other than that it's been a ton of fun. :D

I am having lots of fun with the New Pokémon Snap game. :D

It's giving me the same joy I used to feel playing the original. There's so much to discover! I've been very slow to unlock new courses because I keep playing the old ones again and again trying to find all the neat little secrets. X)

Has anyone else picked it up? What do you think? I haven't heard many people talk about it. ^^; (Please no spoilers!)

It doesn't matter how big, how silly, how quick, how technically proficient, how easy, how derivative it is, just making something, anything at all, however you can, whenever you can, even if it's once a day, one a week, once a year, once a decade…

It's all amazing. You're amazing. Even if you never share it, keep it for yourself forever, or destroy it as soon as it's done. Even if you never finish. Thank you for making it. You're making the world a better place. :bob_ross: :hearthands:

Whenever I feel stressed or anxious I find myself retreating more and more into the Sims 4 and micromanaging my CC, mods, lots, families, neighbourhoods, stories, etc.… it's something I have complete control over that I can get working exactly how I want it to. It's oddly comforting.

(I have a Simblr here if anyone's interested in checking it out: :plumbob4: rheallsim.tumblr.com )

My night sky petunias are flowering! :D (They're a bit purpler in real life compared to the photos ^^)

@SunScales They do grow so fast 😭 Here're my sweet peas! I didn't grow them from seed or anything, but here's how much they've grown between Mar. 22nd and now. (Not to mention my green onions, which have exploded :da_sweat:)

I made an thing.

Not sure how much I'll use it, and not just because I haven't been doing much art lately. I don't like how they plan for it to be Instagram-like and only allow you to post from your phone; I mean, who has all their artwork on their phone??? 👀 And who likes typing things from their phone to begin with?????? 👀💦

I'm aware that I am rapidly becoming An Old™, but hey, I'm on the thing, and my username is [a]rheall, because of course it is. 👍

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