@bouncinglime Aww, that's so sweet of you, thank you!!

It was more curiosity than anything, so no need to bother anyone! But I really appreciate the thought. :da_cuddle:

@bouncinglime Yeah, I've been doing some research… looks like two years ago or more the reviews of the site were pretty positive, but more recent reviews mention an "acquisition" and "CEO change" which has turned the site into a pay-for-exposure hellscape with shitty customer service.

So… yeah, looks like it was a good idea at one point, and even very useful for a time, but it's definitely struggling now. :\

But that's just what I'm getting from random internet reviews, haha!

@bouncinglime In terms of: What is it like to work there? Is it a good product that works for the people who use it to market themselves? What do the artists/users get out of it that they wouldn't get elsewhere? What's their business model like? Is it something they can actually make money on and can last in the long term? Or is it a flash-in-the-pan start-up and sell kind of deal?

Those kinds of questions are what I'm interested in. :da_sweat:

Does anyone know anything about the company Dribbble? They offer illustration/design service portfolios.

Just, you know, what kind of reputation they have, how useful they are, etc.…? Any info at all would be great! :hearthands:

Embroidery, swear word 

So here's that finished embroidery project I was working on this weekend. :da_sweat:

Yes, we're huge nerds.

A gift for a friend of mine. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, with the exception of the too -thick border around the die. Now I just have to frame it and get it to him...

(Pattern: etsy.com/ca/listing/627898187/ )

Started working on a new project as a gift for my friend's birthday tomorrow. Worked on it for about five hours, and I'm no where near finishing. XD

I really enjoy needlework! Even though the tips of my fingers are sore I still wish I could keep working on it instead of going to bed. :da_sweat:

It won't be ready in time for their birthday party tomorrow, but I will finish it and get it to them eventually. :da_boogie:

Here, have some pics of my good pup, @Aila, even though her youthful exuberance can sometimes scare people. 🥺

I love her so much. :ailapup:

(When I say "today's" I mean Monday's, because they become available in the late evenings of the day before for us on the app.)

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My S.O. beat today's NYT crossword puzzle in under 3-minutes.

He's a fucking wizard. x___x

I made a thing tonight! :da_grin:

Had a hankerin' to do some embroiderin', so I looked up some designs for inspiration and made this little thing.

I used this image for reference: reddit.com/r/Embroidery/commen

So yeah, it was just for practice. Had fun! Tension was an issue with that gold thread, though… XD


In the hazy moments of sleeping between alarm snoozes, my brain came up with a new eeveelution:


:a_plus:, brain.

Just got back from !! It was so good! I saw some old friends! I spent a lot of money! It was lovely! :da_w00t: :blobhug2:

Now I'm *exhausted*, hahaha :lies_down:

I… actually did arting tonight. 🤯

My mum, sister, best friend, and I are doing the LotR Conqueror Challenge together. We've formed our own team, our own Fellowship if you will, so of course this meant I had to make matching avatars for us. :da_ahoy:

The first is my mum the wizard, second is my best friend the elf, then my sister the dwarf, then me the hobbit. :da_grin: (I cheated like HELL when drawing these.)

[Marked sensitive for eye contact.]

"Sitter", 2016.

I *loved* this brush, so much. Then I did something to it, and could never get the settings to work the same way again. 😖 (Despite it being a figure study, I didn't use any references for it.)

[Marked sensitive for non-explicit nudity. Drawing of a naked woman from behind.]

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