What the heck was I on when I sketched this (old sketch from 2013)

[CW for mild accidental violence]

Some more fooling around with various brushed downloaded from the :clip_studio_paint: asset library.



The first free form doodling I've done for months XD :lies_down:

I like to open up :clip_studio_paint:'s online asset repository and just browse the assets for hours. I picked up this inking brush during my perusal tonight, thought I'd try it out. :)

[CW: mild nudity]

So all this talk about got me thinking about two characters from my SableAndAster.com comic that haven't shown up in the story yet. :da_plot:

This is Fyla and Audrey! Fyla is a potter and trans woman who suffers from anxiety. Audrey is a baker who acts like a rock to everyone she knows, including Fyla. Fyla's favourite thing is to curl up in Audrey's strong arms at the end of a hard day's work. :da_cuddle:

TBT art: Nudity, body/figure studies 

Embroidery number 4: The White Horse of Uffington.

Or, rather, the grey-green horse of Uffington, but I digress!

My first time trying satin stitch. 😊

Aaaand embroidery number 3, a green and blue triskele.

Used a split stitch for this one, and I really like how it turned out! Did some accents with blue, not sure if I like how those worked out… I think I know of ways I could have done them better, but ah well, c'est la vie!

Now, what will my next one be… :thinking_rotate:

Embroidery number 2: A few sprigs of lavender.

I mean, how can you learn how to embroider and NOT do flowers of some kind? ;)

From my own sketch. The blue guidelines still need to be washed off… :da_sweat:

All right! Say hello to my first ever finished embroidery project. :)

I'm pretty proud of how it turned out for my first try! I really need to work on my chain stitch, though, that crap is haaard…

Also, the signing of my initials and the date could be a bit more legible… I should use fewer strands next time.

But! Progress! :da_boogie: Now to figure out what the next one will be… :thinking_rotate:

(Source: adventures-in-making.com/diy-h )

Hey, folks! Here, have a short comic I made for school back in 2014.

It's called "Home". It's about my last experience living with roommates.

You can read it here: rheall.me/portfolio/home/

(Despite the quality of the art, which was lacking because I had to finish it so quickly, I'm pretty proud of it. ☺️ )

Just thought I'd mention again:

I have a FREE or Pay What You Want .pdf copy of my Snowflakes Colouring Book available here:

:gumroad: gumroad.com/l/hTdbD

They're easy to print out and colour to your heart's content!

Ah, and here's more evidence of my LotR obsession when I was a teenager… some silly Nazgul cartoons I put together, most of them written while doodling in the margins of my notebook in math class. ;)

Here's an old drawing from 2015. Me circa. 2007 sleeping in my room in Edmonton. If I was ever to finish and self-publish a print copy of my Somniloquy comics (rheall.me/portfolio/somniloquy) this was to be the endpapers.

To commemorate me losing all sense of self-discipline and buying FFXII on Switch, here's an old drawing of Penelo I did in 2011.

Despite the whole "It feels good to not call myself an 'artist' anymore" I still really like this old sketch which is one of the first I ever made with my iPad.

[Marked sensitive for nudity; non-sexual butt]

Some old sketches from 2016 I still really like. [Marked sensitive for non-sexual nudity; a nude figure drawn from behind.]

Does anyone else feel like having their own colourful sketchy portrait done? :bob_ross:


– $50 USD ($40 for inks only), payment accepted through Square Invoices
– 2500 x 2500 px High Res PNG file to make your own resizes
– A timelapse video of it being drawn in Procreate
– Drawn based on reference photos you provide

Email me at rheall [at] gmail [dot] com if you're interested! :da_w00t:

Art dealing with disordered eating 

It wasn't just canines, either. Unicorns and equines often got the spindly treatment.

(And yes, I'm still tying to break that "Everything faces left" habit.) 2005, 2006, and 2010 respectively.

(Not Thursday, but eh)

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