Here's another little sketch I did last night.

I can't emphasize enough how much of my artistic practice these days is just "baby steps"— I did two sketches last night, and that's the first I've done for months.

Gonna keep at it, of course. But just trying to find my way again. :blobpatpat:

I know they're a bit crazed, but I'm still so happy with these Donald doodles.

I should do more sometime… :thinking_rotate:

Finished this one! Trying out some of the floral motifs Emillie Ferris uses in her book "Paint with Thread", even though I drew the pattern myself the designs are all hers.

I really enjoyed this one. :D It's in a 4" diameter hoop, and most of it was stitched with a single thread. I really enjoyed working so intricately. I'd love to do more! :needle: :da_love:


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My wonderful sister bought me the step-by-step embroidery book "Paint with Thread" by Emillie Ferris. It's absolutely gorgeous, just a lovely little book. I wanted to do some embroidery but didn't want to do anything too complicated, so I tried recreating a few of the floral motifs she uses in her patterns.

It's a WIP, obviously, but I •love• working with one thread. The teeny details are my favourite. :da_love:


I thought I'd try to distract myself by doing some still life painting.

I haven't done any painting like this in… many many years. I'm trying new things. There's a lot wrong with this, but I'm proud of myself for trying and practicing. :da_cuddle:

In honour of the new Sandman show coming out, have a crusty old fan art I did back in 2015. :da_grin:

Aaaaand here's another quick embroidery I whipped up last night. :needle:

Once again, there are things I wish I'd done differently, and things that didn't look as nice as I'd hoped, but it was fun to do nonetheless. :da_grin:

It's the "Hanging Plant" pattern from here:

Okay, here's one you can all reblog if you want. :da_sweat:

My finished strawberry! Using stitches that were new to me: Trellis stitches, raised-leaf stitches, couched outlines, and woven picots (both attached and detached).

A fun exercise/experiment! :needle:

Embroidery, swear word 

So here's that finished embroidery project I was working on this weekend. :da_sweat:

Yes, we're huge nerds.

A gift for a friend of mine. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, with the exception of the too -thick border around the die. Now I just have to frame it and get it to him...

(Pattern: )

I made a thing tonight! :da_grin:

Had a hankerin' to do some embroiderin', so I looked up some designs for inspiration and made this little thing.

I used this image for reference:

So yeah, it was just for practice. Had fun! Tension was an issue with that gold thread, though… XD


I… actually did arting tonight. 🤯

My mum, sister, best friend, and I are doing the LotR Conqueror Challenge together. We've formed our own team, our own Fellowship if you will, so of course this meant I had to make matching avatars for us. :da_ahoy:

The first is my mum the wizard, second is my best friend the elf, then my sister the dwarf, then me the hobbit. :da_grin: (I cheated like HELL when drawing these.)

[Marked sensitive for eye contact.]

"Sitter", 2016.

I *loved* this brush, so much. Then I did something to it, and could never get the settings to work the same way again. 😖 (Despite it being a figure study, I didn't use any references for it.)

[Marked sensitive for non-explicit nudity. Drawing of a naked woman from behind.]

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