Embroidery, swear word 

So here's that finished embroidery project I was working on this weekend. :da_sweat:

Yes, we're huge nerds.

A gift for a friend of mine. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, with the exception of the too -thick border around the die. Now I just have to frame it and get it to him...

(Pattern: etsy.com/ca/listing/627898187/ )

I made a thing tonight! :da_grin:

Had a hankerin' to do some embroiderin', so I looked up some designs for inspiration and made this little thing.

I used this image for reference: reddit.com/r/Embroidery/commen

So yeah, it was just for practice. Had fun! Tension was an issue with that gold thread, though… XD


I… actually did arting tonight. 🤯

My mum, sister, best friend, and I are doing the LotR Conqueror Challenge together. We've formed our own team, our own Fellowship if you will, so of course this meant I had to make matching avatars for us. :da_ahoy:

The first is my mum the wizard, second is my best friend the elf, then my sister the dwarf, then me the hobbit. :da_grin: (I cheated like HELL when drawing these.)

[Marked sensitive for eye contact.]

"Sitter", 2016.

I *loved* this brush, so much. Then I did something to it, and could never get the settings to work the same way again. 😖 (Despite it being a figure study, I didn't use any references for it.)

[Marked sensitive for non-explicit nudity. Drawing of a naked woman from behind.]

Comics about anxiety/depression 

Some old comics, from 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The first was from before I started medicating my anxiety, and before I first joined Mastodon. I regularly had to take social media breaks because it stressed me out so much.

The second was from later, while still trying to find the right med combination. It was a long journey. <3

Another oldie, an illustration from 2018. Figured it was thematic. ;)

Painted in . You can see the timelapse of it here: youtube.com/watch?v=YoE8Bkd1kZ I spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do and how to go about it. X)

Regularly check out hashtags and use them in your toots. Seriously. They're not just set dressing here, they're how we find like-minded folks here!

Some good ones to find new artsy people/new people in general:

For Mastodon Help:

If you want to be proactive on blocking the bad folks before they find their way to you:

Plus any hashtags you can think of!

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It's that time of year again… 🌬️☔

(Painted this back in 2013. Still really like it. ^^ It's called "Wet & Windy".)

Daily Sketch - Feb 8/22 

I figured if I've got this nice new tablet monitor I might as well use it. :da_sweat:

So I'll try and do a daily sketch practice. Low-key, no stress or worry, and it's fine if I miss a few (or many) days.

Here's a Chibi-Amaterasu. :blobhug2:

Still really proud of this art trade image I did for @katwylder of their character Steve Notadragon back in 2019. 😁

Got my tablet monitor set up, made a very quick little thing for my friend for her birthday. ^^

Got myself some retail therapy in the form of a JetPens order. I haven't done much drawing at all this whole year, but I started rereading Pride & Prejudice and couldn't resist drawing a little something. ^^

Another old drawing from 2015. I love me some Pippin content. 🥰

[And it's actual physical media, dang 😲]

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