Another old drawing from 2015. I love me some Pippin content. 🥰

[And it's actual physical media, dang 😲]

Two sketches from the last two months. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Still trying to get back into it. <3

[These hardly seem worth tagging, but ah well, there ya' go!]

Getting started on a new knitting project…

We'll see how far I get on this one. X) It's the Modern Mocs pattern from ( with KnitPick's Wool of the Andes bulky yarn.


What's an old artwork, poem, song, textile, any kind of creative work, that you made closer to the beginning of your practice that was a turning point for you? Whether it was something you were incredibly proud of, or something that triggered a whole new avenue of learning that you're still exploring today?

Flashback to the time I drew the cyndaquilavapholosions

Quilava is definitely one of my favourite pokemon, I love the attitude. :D

Second day of … another Donald!

Didn't plan this one out very well. XD I need to get better at my acting. Drew the head and body then didn't know what I wanted to arms to do. You can tell.

Have to work on those lines of actions and fluid acting…! 💪

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Hey folks, have some off-model Donalds for the first day of !

No, I won't be drawing nothing but Donalds for the whole month, but you might see a few more, for sure. I tend to fall back to him when I'm feeling low on motivation. Also, don't expect a drawing every day; I'm going to try to keep this relaxing and fun!

Was reminded of this old fanart of young, preteen Moana from a few years ago. Thought I'd share it for you all again. :)

I might do some streaming of some tonight. Let's say at 8pm PST (an hour and 15 minutes from now), at: Y'all can hang out and watch me do some more embroidery. :)

There won't be a mic set up, and I'll likely be watching some TV shows while I do it, so there'll be no audio at all. Bring your own music/shows and chill with me! ☺️

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