Flashback to the time I drew the cyndaquilavapholosions

Quilava is definitely one of my favourite pokemon, I love the attitude. :D

Second day of … another Donald!

Didn't plan this one out very well. XD I need to get better at my acting. Drew the head and body then didn't know what I wanted to arms to do. You can tell.

Have to work on those lines of actions and fluid acting…! 💪

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Hey folks, have some off-model Donalds for the first day of !

No, I won't be drawing nothing but Donalds for the whole month, but you might see a few more, for sure. I tend to fall back to him when I'm feeling low on motivation. Also, don't expect a drawing every day; I'm going to try to keep this relaxing and fun!

Was reminded of this old fanart of young, preteen Moana from a few years ago. Thought I'd share it for you all again. :)

I might do some streaming of some tonight. Let's say at 8pm PST (an hour and 15 minutes from now), at: picarto.tv/rheallart Y'all can hang out and watch me do some more embroidery. :)

There won't be a mic set up, and I'll likely be watching some TV shows while I do it, so there'll be no audio at all. Bring your own music/shows and chill with me! ☺️

All right. Finally finished my first attack! :da_w00t:

It's aimed at @rainfruit@mastodon.art, whose art I love dearly. :da_love: Thought I'd give their character Eviost some love!

Viewable here: artfight.net/attack/1102193.ev

(for now!)

So I made an profile: artfight.net/~Rheall

And a new OC to go with it: artfight.net/character/974000. ☺️ This is Vaea! I've been wanting to make a little ewe character for a while now. :)

So there's a thing going around where we post art we made at the beginning of high school vs. art we make now? Is there a proper hashtag for this somewhere XD

Either way, here's mine. An old D&D character from 2001 when I was 13, and a re-draw of an old OC done early 2019. :da_w00t:

We all have to start somewhere. :da_sweat:

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