You might want to be wary of

Three of their users were harassing someone on .ART, and the instance doesn't have a CoC, Rules, or a Moderation Policy that I can find.

Take care, everyone. :bear_hugs:

Hello, I'm Heather, aka. Rheall. I'm an artist and of Mastodon.ART and ComicsCamp.Club

🌿 Maker of @FriendsOfSam and (both on hiatus)
🌿 Owner of :squishygecko: @Squishy and :ailapup: @Aila
🌿 One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎✍️
🌿 🍁, polite and non-confrontational to a fault
🌿 White ace cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England
🌿 Portfolio:

Does anyone have any suggestions for some good relays to subscribe to? I'm finding it difficult for my small-ish instance to discover new people/places. :\

So, yeah, Mastodon.ART hasn't been keeping any of @Curator's toots past a week or so. :\

This is frustrating.

Anyone know what might be going on there? I have a hunch it might be some kind of space/memory saving measure after switching over to Masto.Host, but I'd like to know for sure so I can be sure things are archived properly.

(cc @CuratorClassic and @hugo)

Quick : Is there a way to filter out boosts from your own timeline? So you can find your own old posts rather than scrolling through all your boosts to get to them?

Thank you!

Little things I wish I could do in Mastodon's admin/mod panels:

1) Being able to change the shortcode of a custom emoji without having to re-upload it

2) Being able to change whether an instance is silenced or suspended without having to delete the block and re-do it

That being said, it's entirely possible there *are* ways to do these things and I just don't know it. 😢

So it looks like the issue that's making it impossible for me to access Mastodon through the web interface is a known bug. Hopefully it'll be fixed in the next update:

So I just have to hang tight! I'm using Whalebird as an interim solution, as well as Tusky on my phone. Thankfully it doesn't affect my accounts on β€’ART anymore, so I can keep up my responsibilities as @Curator there with no problems.

Hope you're all well! πŸ’™

Hmm… just tried to do some searching to find an old @Curator post, and it seems to have disappeared. :\

I can find toots that were written as replies to that toot, but the toot itself is gone.

Actually, scrolling back through the Curator profile page only shows boosts/replies until Jan. 31, then the timeline jumps to Nov. 2018 with nothing inbetween. :thinking_rotate:

Does anyone know what's going on here?

It's funny how every day I feel so goddamn thankful that I have a community here on :mastodon: Mastodon. I'm glad that Twitter/FB/Tumblr/Instagram/Etc. aren't my only options. Y'all are so good, and I *feel* so good when I'm here.

Thanks for being so great, Mastofam. πŸ’™ :da_cuddle: And so many thanks to all the volunteer developers, mods, admins, community facilitators, and more for building this wonderful place!

Hello, I'm Heather, aka. Rheall. I'm a cartoonist, writer, and of Mastodon.ART and ComicsCamp.Club.

πŸƒ Maker of @FriendsOfSam and (on hiatus)
πŸƒ Owner of :squishygecko: @Squishy and πŸ• @Aila
πŸƒ One of those weirdos who actually LIKES drawing horses 🐎
πŸƒ Canadian 🍁, polite and non-confrontational to a fault
πŸƒ White cis woman, family from Yorkshire, England
πŸƒ Portfolio:


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