I knit a toe!! :da_la: Using German Short Rows no less!! I'm so excited, this is the first 3D thing I've ever made, here's hoping I don't screw it up from here. X) :knitting:

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Both soles finished!! Just have to wait for my new crochet hooks to arrive... Arrrrrggghhh, why does international shipping have to take so long 😤

:knitting: :ball_of_yarn: :needle:

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It's looking much better this time! And even more amazing: all the numbers match up with the pattern! Huzzah! :da_w00t:

Unfortunately, I can't find my one crochet hook in the right size to continue the border, so I'll have to wait until my next order comes in. X) I'm looking forward to working more on these slippers! 😁

Maybe I can work on the sole of the other slipper in the mean time... :da_plot: :knitting:

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Gonna have to frog it and start again. X) I ran into some trouble on the sole and had to backtrack a couple rows, but I must've messed that up too (in addition to screwing up the double knit fabric somehow). The number of rows/stitches I should have don't match up to the pattern. :(

Time to start again! 😭😤😅 :ball_of_yarn:

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Getting started on a new knitting project…

We'll see how far I get on this one. X) It's the Modern Mocs pattern from BekahKnits.com (bekahknits.com/modern-mocs.htm) with KnitPick's Wool of the Andes bulky yarn.


I might do some streaming of some tonight. Let's say at 8pm PST (an hour and 15 minutes from now), at: picarto.tv/rheallart Y'all can hang out and watch me do some more embroidery. :)

There won't be a mic set up, and I'll likely be watching some TV shows while I do it, so there'll be no audio at all. Bring your own music/shows and chill with me! ☺️

Finished another experiment! A tiny 2" x 3" (5cm x 7.6cm) frame housing an embroidery pattern taken from one of my snowflake drawings.

Not bad for an experiment! :) :needle:

I made another thing! :da_boogie:

I ran out of my shade of green halfway through and had to substitute another one. XD Pattern from Hoop Dreams by Cristina Morgan.

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I made a thing! :D

It's not perfect, but it was really nice to work on. 😊 Pattern from Hoop Dreams by Cristina Morgan.

To be honest, I knitted this as a balm against this poor Antler Toque, which has been suffering under my hands for a long while.

It has so many tension issues and mistakes, but I have the right tools for it now and I'm determined to finish it, if only for the learning experience. 😤

Pattern: tincanknits.com/pattern-PK-ant
Tutorial: blog.tincanknits.com/2017/02/0

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I knit a thing!! :da_dance:

It's a really chunky knit toque with the biggest ever pom pom (it's also the first pom pom I've ever made, so go me!).

It knits up really quickly, too, this took me less than a day. :) The pattern is here: knitpicks.com/jillick-hat/g/14

It's also so warm, omg

[Marked sensitive for eye contact]

Embroidery number 4: The White Horse of Uffington.

Or, rather, the grey-green horse of Uffington, but I digress!

My first time trying satin stitch. 😊

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I'm blanking on what my next project should be… does anyone have any links to cool projects or pieces that might inspire me? :da_sweat:

Aaaand embroidery number 3, a green and blue triskele.

Used a split stitch for this one, and I really like how it turned out! Did some accents with blue, not sure if I like how those worked out… I think I know of ways I could have done them better, but ah well, c'est la vie!

Now, what will my next one be… :thinking_rotate:

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Embroidery number 2: A few sprigs of lavender.

I mean, how can you learn how to embroider and NOT do flowers of some kind? ;)

From my own sketch. The blue guidelines still need to be washed off… :da_sweat:

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