15 Years later. I honestly haven't touched DA for years, hence why it's all unfinished with these new profile designs. X)

Throwback to May 31, 2006 when I was jazzed at having 10,000 pageviews on DeviantART. XD

Just some lovely evening light on my flower boxes. I'm so happy my snapdragons are flowering!! 😍 My sweet peas, too! They smell lovely. 😊

I just couldn't let this day go uncelebrated ✨

Happy Mass Effect Legendary Edition Release Day to all the other N7 nerds out there!! 🥰

(You can see more of my cringy sims stuff here: rheallsim.tumblr.com)

My night sky petunias are flowering! :D (They're a bit purpler in real life compared to the photos ^^)

✨Majestic llama✨

and not-so-majestic llamas. 💤

(They're okay, they're just sleeping, I promise 👍)

Okay, folks, the planters are finished!! :da_la: Here's how the final planter looks!

We have decorative grass, purple snapdragons, TONS of petunias (in dark purple/reddish purple colours), trailing lobelia in blue, and a couple other plants I don't know the name of (mainly the silvery plant and the two with the smaller purple flowers).

I'm pleased with it. :D Here's hoping it survives! 🤞

Also an update on my heather garden with the hens and chicks added. :da_love:

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Went on a trip to the garden store today to pick up the plants for my final planter. 💪

We have trailing lobelias, decorative grass, snapdragons, a shit-ton of petunias of different colours, and some other things that I don't know the names of off the top of my head. ^^;

Here's hoping they work out!! 🤞

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Here's how my red planter setup looks now (With a very helpful @Aila doing some modelling). Apologies for the haphazard blurring!

So we have the heather garden in the front, the empty planter above, and the fern/moss garden below. in the back we have the herb garden on top, the parsley/cilantro on the bottom, and the green onions/sweet peas on the right.

The top foreground planter will get a lot of sun/heat in the summer, so I'll have to work out what will survive in there. :thinking_rotate:

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More garden adventures…! Finally got my heather plants (four different varieties!) in their planter. 💪

Also replanted my Korean Fir and my rosemary in their own pots, which was long overdue. Hopefully they'll be much happier with the extra space to grow!

Also filled the final red planter with soil, but I don't know what to put in there yet. Nearly time for another trip to the garden store, methinks… :da_plot:

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My good friend Aoife asked me to draw a portrait icon of her for her Twitch channel, and this is what I came up with. ^^

CW for drawn/cartoony eye contact.

The nice thing about windy days is that branches and moss bits fall from the trees and I don't feel guilty taking them home to feed my growing moss garden collection :da_la:

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