Made another little watercolour painting using masking fluid last night. :bob_ross: 🌿

It's for sale if anyone wants it! $30 USD, shipping included. ☺️ It's 5"x7" (the paper is a bit larger but can easily be trimmed). DM me if you're interested!

Tonight I learned that I have "incorrect" pencil grip. The first image is my natural grip, and the second image is the suggested "correct" grip?

Apparently my grip is called a "lateral tripod" grip??? (My thumb tip will move closer to the tip of the pencil if I need more control than just jotting quick notes, but it never actually grips the pencil between it and the index finger like in the second picture.) I dunno, it feels really natural and easy to control, so *shrug*.

The sky just keeps getting better! 😍

[Image description: Photos of clouds at sunset. As the sun sets further, the light highlights more of the underlying clouds in a dramatic fashion.]

Here's a piece!

From my first Illustration class in University. My teacher was the fantastic children's book author/poet Calef Brown. The assignment was to use gouache to paint a picture of a mythical creature. I chose to depict the Bugul Noz, a creature so ugly he turns anyone who sees him insane— so he hides himself away in the woods, alone, so no one has to see him.

Mastodon vs. Twitter Re. Authenticity™

(In other words I'm much more myself on one than the other and y'all are so much nicer and open to sharing/interacting and I suppose what I'm trying to say is that I love Mastodon so much, thank you all for being so awesome! 💚 )

Y'all… I love my gecko so much. In case you ever doubted that, here's a video I sneakily took of her tonight drinking from her water bowl, which I stripped the audio of because it was just badly echoey youtube video audio in the BG, and replaced with a version of "It's A Wonderful World" that my dad made for me on his keyboards and now I'm crying 😭

This may be the best thing I've ever made.

💚 :squishygecko: 💚

I decided to add some colour to this sketch of Sable experimenting with some new brushes from @FRENDEN! I like them a lot so far! :D

Man, this has got to be one of my slowest years for art yet… still, I really enjoy these sketches. Better than nothing!

…and here's the finished sketch. ☺️ (Sorry for the quality; it's a photo of my iPad screen!)

It's been so long since I've done a sketch like this, let alone one of Sable. It makes me so happy to see her in an old Girl Guides uniform; I think she would love being one!

(Sable is one of the titular characters from my webcomic: )

This one, though, is TOTALLY FINE. :thinking_rotate:

(CW: NSFW, non-sexual figure drawings of naked women.)


Excellent work, Tumblr Algorithm. 👍

:squishygecko: Squishy climbed up so she could watch Dennis play Dead Cells on the TV. :blobpeek:

I love her so much. 😭💗

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