It came! @Squishy got her Christmas presents, a new cave with a dripping waterfall inside, and a new ledge with a hidey-hole inside it. :da_boogie:

She spent a great deal of time today exploring her new terrarium layout, then got *very* interested in the lights on our Christmas tree, which is right next to her.

I love the lights reflected in her eyes. :da_love:

[Marked sensitive for reptile/lizard.]

Decided to get one of these for @Squishy for Christmas. She deserves nice things too. :squishygecko:

It's the Zilla Spring Cave:

Just wanted to share a couple pretty sims I made recently. ^^

[Hidden for eye contact, and a vampire character with mild blood and scarring]

TIL there are different varieties of dark-eyed juncos! We get a lot of the oregon variety around here, but I think the ones I saw today were a sub-species called "cismontanus". ^^

My mum also gets a lot of the "slate-coloured" variety out where she is in the interior.

(Pics from here:

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As Adam Savage said: "Remember kids, the only difference between Science and screwing around is writing it down." :thinking_rotate:

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Here's a link to a video of him, because I was so excited: (Also visible in the video: Chickadees, house sparrows, and a hummingbird! I don't think the nuthatches make an appearance…)

(Apologies for my voice and various other ambient noises ^^;)

I'm just so dang proud, y'all 😭

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Here, have a couple gifs of the chickadees visiting my fountain. ^^

(This was before I cleaned it, so you can see the plants growing out of it. Oof. This was the first time I saw the birds using it to drink from, so I figured it was time to clean it, haha!)


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I don't get it. For a while the birds went NUTS for my suet cylinders. The house sparrows especially were insatiable.

Now they don't even touch it. It's like a lump of wood for all they care. Even when the house sparrows visit, it's just to pick up spare sunflower seeds from the floor; they don't even go near the feeder anymore.

I've cleaned the feeder, added a new suet cylinder and everything, and… nothing.

Picky bastards. X)

[Marked sensitive for bugs/insects in the first pic.]

Made this Autumn-y Sims Edit recently, and folks on Tumblr seemed to like it, so here it is. ^^

Going back to my roots by shading with multiply layers, colour-grading with gradient maps, and using Photoshop CS5 filters for edginess. :dance_cool_doge:

(Hey, when all I have is my mouse to edit with, I take shortcuts. :P)

[Marked sensitive for eye contact. <3]

Another old drawing from 2015. I love me some Pippin content. πŸ₯°

[And it's actual physical media, dang 😲]

Also a reminder that this exists:


A helpful .pdf of notes and tips for drawing horses, for only $1 or however much you think it's worth. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

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Spent some time today cleaning and refilling my bird feeders. The last seed cylinders I had got soaked after a rain storm, so I had to throw them out. πŸ˜’ I've raised my last suet cylinder up a bit to try and keep it out of any more rain. We'll see how it goes. ^^;

The window tray feeder with the sunflower seeds runs out at least once a week. The chickadees and Franklin the nuthatch are insatiable. :chickadee:

Had some fun today making some occult Sims and making some little portraits of them.


(I still regularly post Sims 4 stuff to my Simblr, here: )

[Hidden for eye contact, a small amount of blood, and stylized facial scars.]

Two sketches from the last two months. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Still trying to get back into it. <3

[These hardly seem worth tagging, but ah well, there ya' go!]

Hey, folks! The Critical Hit Show starts in about an hour, at 8pm PST!

You'll likely love it if you enjoy improv and fantasy TTRPGs like D&D! They've been putting on this show in person for 9(!!) years at the Rio Theatre here in Vancouver, but you can see it for free on Twitch tonight as they stream it live from their homes!

Tune in here:

More info at:


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