I've been posting a lot of depressing stuff lately, so here, have a picture of @Aila being hella cute and getting some love. :ailapup: :blobpatpat:

Worked on this a little more tonight. ^^ Just did the branch. Feeling a little nervous about starting the bird, but I'll get to it eventually! 😅


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LotR meme image, weird faces 

A friend shared this with me, and holy crap

Goldo is pure nightmare fuel 🤮

A while back I kept some moss in a little water tray on my balcony. It occasionally needed misting, so I took some timelapses of the moss waking up. :blobpatpat:

[Warning: There's a moment where a woodlouse wanders by at about 12sec. Just in case you have a thing against bugs!]

Hmm… I have an idea.

I've always been curious about what people's handwriting looks like.

Why don't we do some handwritten affirmations or positive notes for each other? Maybe use the hashtag ?

I'll start… :blobhug2:

Here's another little sketch I did last night.

I can't emphasize enough how much of my artistic practice these days is just "baby steps"— I did two sketches last night, and that's the first I've done for months.

Gonna keep at it, of course. But just trying to find my way again. :blobpatpat:

I know they're a bit crazed, but I'm still so happy with these Donald doodles.

I should do more sometime… :thinking_rotate:

Terrifying AI art of Arnold Schwarzenegger laughing maniacly 


(Source: lexica.art/prompt/cf2a0419-f2d Supposedly made with an AI called "Stable Diffusion")

So I *did* end up redrawing the guidelines. I'm glad I did, I'm much happier with it now. Here's where I am after a couple days' work.

The hard parts are yet to come... :da_sweat:



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I need a much better way of organizing my loose threads when I'm in the middle of a project...

@fiberarts folks, any ideas? 😅

Next embroidery project design is on the hoop. Just have to start, now…

This is the first time I'll have done something this involved. I'm inspired by Emillie Ferris' "Paint With Thread" book; she did a similar image with a robin. I thought I'd try it out with a little chickadee instead. ^^


Perhaps it'll be a portrait of Sam? :da_giggle: @FriendsOfSam

I might make the pattern drawing available for download when I'm done. :thinking_rotate:

I hope it works! 🤞 @fiberarts

Okay, I lied. XD Figured I should give some real-world examples so you can see the difference…

I've done some drawing of the underlying anatomy so you can see the difference. It might *look* like the leg is just sticking out of the rib cage when you look superficially, but you'll notice that the shoulder blade and the shape of the shoulder is super important to getting a natural looking pose.

The in-game animal? Not so much… ಠ_ಠ

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is one of my favourite games of all time. It took the Zoo Tycoon formula and made it better, especially with how beautiful and well-realized the animals are. They did such a good job, and deserve all the appreciation for it.

But I do have one HUGE pet peeve…

Whoever rigged their animals for some reason didn't take their shoulder blades into account.

Which means you get beautiful animals like this (first pic), but when they move or lie down they look like this (second pic)…

Finished this one! Trying out some of the floral motifs Emillie Ferris uses in her book "Paint with Thread", even though I drew the pattern myself the designs are all hers.

I really enjoyed this one. :D It's in a 4" diameter hoop, and most of it was stitched with a single thread. I really enjoyed working so intricately. I'd love to do more! :needle: :da_love:


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My wonderful sister bought me the step-by-step embroidery book "Paint with Thread" by Emillie Ferris. It's absolutely gorgeous, just a lovely little book. I wanted to do some embroidery but didn't want to do anything too complicated, so I tried recreating a few of the floral motifs she uses in her patterns.

It's a WIP, obviously, but I •love• working with one thread. The teeny details are my favourite. :da_love:


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