It's not perfect, but it's getting there! Only another inch to go before I can start shaping the arm holes. Aaaaah, I've never gotten this far on a sweater project before, I'm so excited! :da_la:

My new knitting needles arrived today!! :da_la:

For my birthday I bought myself a set of Knit Picks Caspian interchangable circular knitting needles. They are SO PRETTY, and so smooth, it's like I'm knitting with butter (in a good way)!

Aaaah, I'm so pleased with them. :da_love:

You can get your own here: :knitting:

What the heck was I on when I sketched this (old sketch from 2013)

[CW for mild accidental violence]

Some more fooling around with various brushed downloaded from the :clip_studio_paint: asset library.



The first free form doodling I've done for months XD :lies_down:

I like to open up :clip_studio_paint:'s online asset repository and just browse the assets for hours. I picked up this inking brush during my perusal tonight, thought I'd try it out. :)

[CW: mild nudity]

So all this talk about got me thinking about two characters from my comic that haven't shown up in the story yet. :da_plot:

This is Fyla and Audrey! Fyla is a potter and trans woman who suffers from anxiety. Audrey is a baker who acts like a rock to everyone she knows, including Fyla. Fyla's favourite thing is to curl up in Audrey's strong arms at the end of a hard day's work. :da_cuddle:

Picrew avatars part 5! (And final bunch!) 

Picrew avatars part 4! 

Picrew avatars part 3! 

Picrew avatars part 2! 

Picrew avatars part 1! 

A photo of some Alpine Asters from Mt. Hood, OR: the same flowers I named Aster after from my comics. πŸ˜ŠπŸ”οΈπŸŒ·πŸ² (

Just put together my first moss terrarium! :D

I have a feeling it's a bit too crowded, but it is my first one, so I wanted to fit in as much as I can. XD Maybe I'll simplify it in the future or when I do a second one…

Fingers crossed it survives and does well! 🀞

Got a chance to to repot my haworthia cooperi var. truncata. The big one in the front had a baby, which is now in it's own pot in the back. The one in the middle now has it's own pot too, and has what looks like two or three babies starting on the side, despite the fact it looks a bit more sickly.

I am so proud. I love these little guys so much. :da_love: :succulent:

TBT art: Nudity, body/figure studies 

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