This is my first time participating in , and I'm a bit nervous… should be good fun, though! I was sorted into Team Spice, so let's do this! :da_la:

Here's my profile if you want to peruse or follow:

(Template here:

So I made an profile:

And a new OC to go with it: ☺️ This is Vaea! I've been wanting to make a little ewe character for a while now. :)

Found a five-leafed clover today. 😊 Smile when you see it for extra luck! πŸ€+πŸƒ 🌠

So there's a thing going around where we post art we made at the beginning of high school vs. art we make now? Is there a proper hashtag for this somewhere XD

Either way, here's mine. An old D&D character from 2001 when I was 13, and a re-draw of an old OC done early 2019. :da_w00t:

We all have to start somewhere. :da_sweat:

Did you know that my avatar is NOT a photo, but an amazing work of digital art? It's true!

The fantastic @pollomostro painted it, and they have commissions available where you can get avatars and pet portraits done, among other things! Check out what they offer here:

Thank you so much, again, for my avatar, Pollo. :da_cuddle:

[CW for eye contact.]

Face Mask Selfie (No direct eye contact because of sunglasses) 

My face mask from Aisle arrived today. :) (

I ordered two different masks almost a month ago now, and they still haven't arrived. This one I ordered earlier this week and it arrived today. ^^; I like it a lot! Glad I can finally wear one when I go out! πŸ™Œ

It's crazy how much I can dislike one colour and love another that is right dang next to it

ACNH - Island open! Cartoonist's Set for sale! 

Hey, folks! I'm opening up my island for anyone who wants to visit. :acnh_leaf:

The cartoonist's set is for sale in my shop for 1,200 bells, if anyone wants to pick that up! Also some fun things at the Able Sisters. Saharah's here, to. Come peruse my free stuff market and see if there's anything you want!

Dodo Code:

I'll try to stay open for at least a couple hours. :da_w00t:

My SO took the cutest picture of me and @Aila 😭 πŸ’—

(Re-drafted to make Followers Only.)

ACNH - Gala 

Not sure if this is a thing I can do… but Gala is visiting my campsite. Does anyone want to try inviting her to stay at their own island? (I don't know if campers work like that, please let me know if I'm wrong!)

She's very cute, she's just not for me. ^^;

ACNH - Anyone want Kitty? 

Hello, folks! Kitty is moving away from my island today. I thought I'd throw this out there in case someone wanted to come over and nab her. ^^

I'm pretty sure you need an empty/free spot in your island already, but I'm not sure. Either way, if you'd like to ask her to your island, let me know, I can DM you a dodo code!

I've been playing a little bit of lately in between Animal Crossing sprints… ^^

I'm not very good at taking in-game photos, but I'm trying to get better!

(I just really like Giraffes and Zebras, okay??)

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