All right, which one of you wrote this

(Let me know so I can shake your hand ✊)

Congratulations to all the Heiltsuk people on building the first Big House to stand tall on the BC coast in 120 years!

I found an injured bird… 

Before I slink off to bed here, have a quick Luci doodle. I guess this could count as ? :da_sweat:

I don't usually do these sorts of things, but yeah, I'll give it a go! One :faved: equals one answer, and if you want to comment with a specific question you'd like answered, please do! :dali_persistance:

Popping in to shout and then slinking off to bed like the coward I am

I'm still pretty proud of this lineup of Sables I made when trying to figure out her look.

I ended up going a completely different direction stylistically, but this was still very helpful to decide how I wanted her to look in the end. ☺️

You can read the first chapter here:

And if anyone would like to try colouring it themselves, here's the transparent line art. :blobpeek:

:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_us:

[CW: Eye contact]

This is the closest I've ever gotten to drawing in an anime style… :da_sweat:

Just a portrait of Hilda from . I ended up liking her a heck of a lot more than I thought I would! :da_giggle:

[CW: Eye contact]

The doggie daycare I used to work at posted this photo of Tegan the sheltie and I'm just like


The only thing I've managed to draw since I decided to start sketching again… still, not bad after so much time away from it! ^^

A little portrait of Flayn from .

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