In other news, I made a couple more moss terrariums and a pebble tray to try to increase humidity in my little plant corner.

:succulent: 🌿 🌱

Plant help needed! A sad tomato. :( 

The cactus is Darla, I love her

And Catia, who may be small, but they're spectacular!

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Also, I am so charmed by this adorable little low-key houseplant growing browser game

🌿 :succulent: 🌷

Still really pleased with this braid doodle from a few years back.

Made with a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen in a softcover sketchbook.

Made some Marnie edits. I'll probably go back and make edits to a few of these before I release them for download. ^^

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Went back to do more with Marnie. Not sure if I like it any better than the original, but at least I gave it a shot! ^^

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