Hmm… I have an idea.

I've always been curious about what people's handwriting looks like.

Why don't we do some handwritten affirmations or positive notes for each other? Maybe use the hashtag ?

I'll start… :blobhug2:

@Rheall i want to share a quote from a friend that inspired me so much i printed it out and pinned it to my wall. 💚


I'll give it a go, though even at its neatest my handwriting is a kinda not great

@word_of_the_nerd hey, neither is mine! 😁 There's no judgment here, only good vibes. And I love this statement. 💗

@wolfie And I love this note!! Thank you for sharing! :da_cuddle:

@Rheall here's a thing I said once that has turned into a kind of mental health mantra in our house. (translated from danish to english)


@zatnosk this is wonderful. I'm going to carry this with me. 💙

@zatnosk @Rheall This is a note I wrote to myself at a hard time and kept. It’s become a mantra in our house and is stuck to the fridge. It’s a #KindNote for us because it helps us live calmly with things as they are.

@Rheall @zatnosk that’s such a good way to think about it! I shared it with some friends, and one of them was curious about the original Danish, if you wouldn’t mind sharing it?

@gannet @Rheall The original danish is "Det er ikke din skyld bakken er stejl".

It makes me happy that it resonates with so many people 💚

@gannet @Rheall (a more grammatically correct version would probably be "det er ikke din skyld, at bakken er stejl", but that's inconsequential.)

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