Video game recs 

Some great games I've played recently that I recommend whole heartedly to other folks looking for great games to play:

Strange Horticulture
Time on Frog Island
Monster Boyfriend
Tangle Tower
The Procession to Calvary
Sam & Max Save the World
A Year of Springs

Games that I also enjoyed but might be too niche and boring for anyone else who is not me:

Hercule Poirot: The First Cases

Video game recs 

@Rheall ooblets looks interesting. what did you like about it?

Video game recs 

@autumn The whole aesthetic is fantastic, though it takes some getting used to if twee isn't your thing. X) For an indie game, it has a surprising amount of content! I never felt bored or lacking in anything to do. If you liked Stardew Valley and filling up the community centre and museum you'll love Ooblets. There's so much to collect, and the dance battle mini-games are hella fun too.

Video game recs 

@autumn The humour is also surprisingly cutting and on-point for such a "cute" game. It made me genuinely excited to talk to everyone every day to hear what they'd say.

It's just a really well-done game in the collect cute things and farm stuff genre. ^^

Video game recs 

@Rheall this sounds very much like my kind of game! i’ll have to check it out at some point. (twee is definitely a vibe i’m into.)

Video game recs 

@autumn Yeah! I sometimes get overwhelmed by too much twee, and this game is the epitome of it, but it's just so well done that I ended up falling in love with it. :da_sweat:

So yeah, definitely check it out! I have it on the Switch, and it worked really well, but it's available on Steam as well. ^^

@Rheall ok i’m hooked on ooblets. i’ve done nothing else today. 😂

@autumn Haha! I completely understand, I was the same way! What club did you join at the beginning? 😁

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