Next embroidery project design is on the hoop. Just have to start, now…

This is the first time I'll have done something this involved. I'm inspired by Emillie Ferris' "Paint With Thread" book; she did a similar image with a robin. I thought I'd try it out with a little chickadee instead. ^^


Perhaps it'll be a portrait of Sam? :da_giggle: @FriendsOfSam

I might make the pattern drawing available for download when I'm done. :thinking_rotate:

I hope it works! 🤞 @fiberarts

Actually… the more I look at it the more I wonder if I should find a way to redo the blue lines.

It was *really* hard to see the pattern underneath the fabric when I traced it last night. And the area of the legs is pretty different from the original pattern, and I like the original pattern's proportions better.

But I don't want to have to redo it again. 😭

Decisions decisions…


So I *did* end up redrawing the guidelines. I'm glad I did, I'm much happier with it now. Here's where I am after a couple days' work.

The hard parts are yet to come... :da_sweat:



Worked on this a little more tonight. ^^ Just did the branch. Feeling a little nervous about starting the bird, but I'll get to it eventually! 😅


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