I need a much better way of organizing my loose threads when I'm in the middle of a project...

@fiberarts folks, any ideas? 😅

@Rheall Most effective for me are: small zip-loc bags (search “Flossaway” for a kind targeted to crafters); a piece of card with notches cut into the edges that can hold loose threads in place (and on which I can write to say which notch is which colour).

@Rheall Also can recommend Yazzii craft organizers—Australian designed, sold to the world—some of which are intended for keeping WIP projects organized.

@Rheall @fiberarts I could come touch the table and instantly cause it all to become a tangled mass. If you think that would help...

@evilscientistca sounds like the start of a fascinating experiment to me!

@Rheall my grade 11 physics teacher had to leave the room during my working on the pulley lab, he quote "could no longer stand the carnage". 😂​

@Rheall I have several of these. Hook many threads in, hook one thread in.. there is space to mark which threads rest where and you can also park needles. Picture from the internet, not mine.

@Rheall @fiberarts I have a small tin containing the threads in using at the moment, and a jamjar with other thread for the project. But it is all silk, on spools, and the last thing I need is the spools rolling away!
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