Finally have my own pair of stork scissors 😍

I recently learned that stork scissors originated as tools used by midwives; hence the stork imagery. Apparently they started out as umbilical clamps, not scissors.

Because midwives often had a lot of time on their hands while waiting for birth, they'd work on projects like knitting or embroidery, and the clamps morphed into the more useful scissors we know today.

Super cool history. :da_love:

@Rheall damn, those are the coolest scissors I've ever seen

@Rheall I'd never heard of Stork Scissors, but that word came screaming in to my mind when I saw your photo. Maybe I'm watching too much "Call the Midwife"

@Rheall they sold a lot of those when i worked at Lee Valley Tools one christmas several years ago. they may cause cancer in the state of California. but only there.

@Chickengod I think they're just stainless steel. Maybe with some kind of brass electroplating for the gold hue? Unsure. They're Fiskars/Gingher brand, in case you want to look them up!

@Rheall they are beautiful! Are they well known? Or is there any story behind them?i

@matiiob Stork scissors are well known, and there is a story behind them! Check out the thread of the original post, I explain some of the history about them in a reply. ^^

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