I don't know much about Mirko Hanak, a Czech man who painted in a very Chinese brushwork-inspired watercolour style. Gorgeous animal paintings, though! :da_love: I can't get over his brushwork!


Eyvind Earle, the KING of gorgeous stylized landscapes.

You might recognize his style from the backgrounds of Disney's "Sleeping Beauty." He did a lot of concept art for that movie in the '50s.


Ken Hultgren, the author of my absolute favourite drawing how-to books, "The Art of Animal Drawing." He was also an animator for Disney in the 40s/50s.

His ability to show form and anatomy in such quick, gorgeous ink sketches have been so inspiring to me my whole adult life.


I'm going to take a break here, but I'll try to continue it in the future!

I have ideas to post more things that inspire me, not just paintings and illustrations, but also concept art, movie screens, photos, and more.

We'll see how it goes. XD

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