Does anyone know anything about the company Dribbble? They offer illustration/design service portfolios.

Just, you know, what kind of reputation they have, how useful they are, etc.…? Any info at all would be great! :hearthands:

@Rheall there seem to be a lot of those out there, and I really don't know what differentiates them. What is the context of the question - are you looking to start one yourself, or evaluating profiles for hiring?

@bouncinglime In terms of: What is it like to work there? Is it a good product that works for the people who use it to market themselves? What do the artists/users get out of it that they wouldn't get elsewhere? What's their business model like? Is it something they can actually make money on and can last in the long term? Or is it a flash-in-the-pan start-up and sell kind of deal?

Those kinds of questions are what I'm interested in. :da_sweat:

@Rheall hm! I think I am enough out of the design loop to not know the answers, sorry. But I can say that I've heard their name for a number of years so I think they're not a flash in the pan?

One of the major design sites is owned by Adobe, but it doesn't seem to be Dribbble.

@bouncinglime Yeah, I've been doing some research… looks like two years ago or more the reviews of the site were pretty positive, but more recent reviews mention an "acquisition" and "CEO change" which has turned the site into a pay-for-exposure hellscape with shitty customer service.

So… yeah, looks like it was a good idea at one point, and even very useful for a time, but it's definitely struggling now. :\

But that's just what I'm getting from random internet reviews, haha!

@Rheall blehhhh. :/ Not unexpected but still.

I have some twice-removed connections to what seem like current employees on LinkedIn if you want me to connect you with folks! Happy to pull on strings for friends. ^_^

@bouncinglime Aww, that's so sweet of you, thank you!!

It was more curiosity than anything, so no need to bother anyone! But I really appreciate the thought. :da_cuddle:

@Rheall I’ve had an account there since it was an intentionally limited sharing platform (you couldn’t share images bigger than like 512px square or something, so you’d only be showing “peeks” at what you were working on). It was founded by Dan Cederholm, but I think he stepped away from running it at some point I think sold it. Honestly haven’t used it in like 10 years.

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