Your worth ≠ your productivity.

Be kind to yourself. You are worthy of love, attention, and respect just because you exist and you're you.

You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. :blobhug2:

@maloki Hahaha, yeah. :da_sweat: The hashtag was started by @Curator I thought it was cute and decided to contribute! :da_grin:

@Scott1984FP Oh, I know. I've been telling myself this for YEARS, and it still hasn't sunk in.

I still remind myself, though. ☺️

@Rheall ,Yeah Its Mental Healthy Thing To Do Though :)


Yeah Its Hardwork , & Daily Baby-Steps Too :)

#MentalHealth #Mindfulness #Mindful #MindfulThinking #MBT #Share

Mentalized Based Therapy :)

@Rheall I have to know, is #WormsOfAffirmation a typo, or intentional play on #WordsOfAffirmation ? Either way, I love it.


I totally agree with that for everyone else, but I think you'll find that *my* worth really is decided by nothing other than how much work I churn out...

Gotta constantly remind myself of this. I am not a worker drone and I can't operate at 100% effiency at all times.

@Rheall jokes on y'all. we live in a capitalist society and we literally need to produce capital to have class worth

and be kind to self? very anti-capitalistic. remember that any affirmation of the non-machinic is a contradiction against the very society you're into, and thus punishment

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