For folks who are new to Mastodon and are intimidated by the timeline, here's my suggestions for awesome accounts to follow:

@Curator — The admin of .ART, often boosts really lovely art, as well as creative/artistic exercises and reference images and resources.

@APoD — A bot that shows you awesome astronomy photos every day.

@todayilearned — Another bot filled with interesting tidbits/trivia (quality varies, though!)

[Continued in an unlisted thread below…]

Some wonderful artists (non-exhaustive, just the ones at the top of my head right now!) Take a look and see if any of them tickle your fancy, they're all great folks!


Some more:

@nasa_perseverance — Another bot that posts updates from NASA's Perseverance rover currently doing great work on Mars!

@selfcare_cj1 — A lovely bot that reminds you to take things slow and be good to yourself. <3

@PleaseCaption — A bot that will send you a DM if you post an image without a caption. Helpful if you want to get better at describing your images!

Some more general tips below for filling up your timeline…

Regularly check out hashtags and use them in your toots. Seriously. They're not just set dressing here, they're how we find like-minded folks here!

Some good ones to find new artsy people/new people in general:

For Mastodon Help:

If you want to be proactive on blocking the bad folks before they find their way to you:

Plus any hashtags you can think of!

If you use the advanced web interface you can pin a feed that shows you posts from any hashtags you tell it to show. Excellent if you want a feed of artists; just pin the art hashtags and you have a wonderful feed to scroll through!

Also, check out the folks people boost. Check out their follow lists to see who they follow. Keep an eye open and follow anyone who seems interesting.

I'll add more toots to this thread when I think of more good folks to follow! 👍

A few more good hashtags:

— People post pretty pictures of plants/flowers to this hashtag!

— My baby.🌿:da_love: A tag where people post photos of happy moss.

— Similarly, but for mushrooms!

@leebee — A wonderful lady who posts photos of her walks through the welsh countryside.

@eyeling — Another amazing photographer and artsy person!

@xkcd — Bot that posts the newest xkcd comics. 👍

@Rheall I'm honored!!! But also 👀💕 gonna check out a bunch of others too!!!

@Ellteo Yaaay! I hope you spot a couple other good folks to follow! <3

@Rheall Awwww thanks so much!! 🥺 Gonna check out more people in this thread!!

@Rheall Thank you! Some really great follow recs in this thread!

Thanks for including me! I'm going to check out the other people too!

@Rheall I am so flattered by your mention! Thank you! :D

@Rheall Thanks for the shout-out! And the #Florespondence and the other hashtags too. :da_la:

@Rheall wah thank you 🥺
now I'm curious about the other artists in the list!

@eyeling I'm so proud of it, I love all the happy moss so much!!! <3

@sylvia_ritter My pleasure!! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous art with us! <3

Thanks for including me in that list! And also for making this list and giving people cool artists to follow :)

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