Silly issues 

I'm trying so hard to learn how to build nicely in but I'm running against stupid problems I don't know how to fix. :\

In my current zoo, everything height-snaps about .5m below the terrain. If I try to use shift to change the height it "snaps" either at that point, or too high above the terrain.

I'm specifically trying to place food counters. They're either partly underground or hovering above paths and I can't figure out how to change that.

Any tips…?? ^^; 🙏

Silly issues 

@Rheall Have you tried changing the grid? I've found that whenever building/wall placement gets super screwy I just need to adjust the grid to, like, the smallest possible unit (it's either 1m or .5m, I forget which, it's been a hot minute since I've played either Planet game) then back to whatever your grid normally is.

I forget exactly how you get to it, it may only show up after you've placed a thing, but there's also a placement fine tuner somewhere

Silly issues 

@David_A_Webcomic Aaaah, thanks for the advice! Yeah, I managed to find a way to make the grid snap smaller, which helped a bit, but still didn't make it work perfectly. At least it was usable and I could move on, though!

I'm learning, slowly but surely. X)

Silly issues 

@Rheall It may all come down to just fine-tuning each building’s positions with the XYZ plane arrows after you’ve placed them, which is a gigantic pain in the ass, but hey, it gets results.

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