"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

I decided to pick up the game "Blacksad: Under the Skin" when it was on sale on the Switch a few days ago. I tried to play some of it recently, and… wow. It is possibly the worst port of a game I've ever seen.

At least, I sincerely hope it's better on its native platforms… on the Switch it was achingly slow, loading times were severe, and half the time the textures weren't more than a soupy blur.

It's such a shame, I really wanted to like it!

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

There are moments when the camera zooms in on a photograph on a character's desk, and Blacksad says something about how sweet the sentiment of the photo is…

…but it's just a confusing mess of extremely low-res highly-artifacted pixels.

You walk incredibly slowly, and your movements are not precise. I got stuck on things many times. And then there are the loading times… interminably long, and constant. >__<

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

The tone was also a little strange, but granted I haven't played it long enough to really get a sense of it. I think it's trying to be gritty and dark, but the slowness and texture/resolution issues just make it seem a little… flat.

I'm glad it was so heavily discounted. It would have sucked to waste more money on such a shitty port.

I'll have to pick up the comics some day, though, get into it for real. ^^ I've always wanted to.

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

I'll also mention: The tutorial was SO aggravating. It would constantly interrupt everything and take forever to click through.

There are things you interact with and you focus on them for a set amount of time; you can't back out. So if you accidentally interact with something you're stuck staring at it for a few long seconds before you can move on.

And something seemed up with the character's facial expressions? Just kind of flat and confusing? 🤔

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

Anyway, I'll stop ragging on it now. ^^; Just… wow. I honestly don't know how it was something the developers thought was appropriate to release for sale on the Switch.

I wish the Switch offered refunds… :\

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

@Rheall My husband and I have been playing this! He's a fan of the comics. It is undeniably an absolute slug-beast to attempt to play. My husband actually finds that kind of delightful LOL... reminds him of early computer point-and-click adventures. I've come to find it charming, too, but our copy had some random crash issues that definitely aren't fun.

"Blacksad: Under the Skin" game rambling 

@turtlestory @Rheall I can only agree with your husband: the comics are great, both in artwork and story wise.

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