Aww, just saw a dark-eyed junco at my feeder! I know they're everywhere, but that's the first time I've seen them visiting my feeder set-up. ^^

My feeder life list is currently:
- Chickadees
- House sparrows
- House finches
- Anna's hummingbirds
- Red-breasted nuthatches
- Dark-eyed juncos
- Downy woodpeckers
- Northern flickers

:da_la: :chickadee: :hummingbird: :da_love:

TIL there are different varieties of dark-eyed juncos! We get a lot of the oregon variety around here, but I think the ones I saw today were a sub-species called "cismontanus". ^^

My mum also gets a lot of the "slate-coloured" variety out where she is in the interior.

(Pics from here:

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