I am having lots of fun with the New Pokémon Snap game. :D

It's giving me the same joy I used to feel playing the original. There's so much to discover! I've been very slow to unlock new courses because I keep playing the old ones again and again trying to find all the neat little secrets. X)

Has anyone else picked it up? What do you think? I haven't heard many people talk about it. ^^; (Please no spoilers!)

@Rheall Yes, I've been playing it as well. And I love it so much. Yeah, I'm also pretty slow, I want to rush the game.

Discovering all the new pokemon and their interactions is so much fun! (Already had to chide my friend for spoilering, haha)

@Vhalesa It's *so* much fun! :D There are already a few things I've noticed and I'm like "How the heck do I trigger that action/event/interaction ಠ_ಠ" I'm super into it. Determined not to look up walkthroughs or spoilers yet, though. XD

@Rheall I just got it! I always wanted to play the first one and I'm super hyped for the new one! Going to take it slowly as well as all the secret little tricks and behaviours is a huge appeal of the game imo!

Will play for the first time over lunch today hopefully.

@vicorva Aww, yay! I hope you enjoy it, I *love* Pokémon media that explores pokémon just… you know, being themselves. I love the wildlife researcher angle, how it's all about observing rather than catching/collecting/battling. :D

@Rheall I've played a few hours now and honestly this is fulfilling all my 'I want to play a peaceful wildlife game' desires. Also I really love going back through a level and trying to catch the things I missed!

Also I've basically always wanted a peaceful Pokemon game. One day they'll make me a peaceful Pokemon RPG maybe ... XD

@Rheall also also I love how levelling up an area shows not only new behaviours but also the pokemon are more comfortable around you. It's simulating actual wildlife photography in that part and I love it!

@Rheall lol I missed the memo on how to unlock stages initially so I got stuck on the first stage for way too long

I love it so much but really wish the requests could be completed retroactively. I feel like as soon as I get a cool interaction, the game is like "did you know you could do this? try it sometime!"

@SunScales Yeah, I think the Requests feature is the thing that bugs me the most. X) I love that it hints at cool interactions and things you can discover, but yeah, a lot of the time I've already seen them/photographed them at least once, and other times it doesn't even recognize the photo I took of the event so it'll trigger the Request as completed. It's a bit frustrating.

But other than that it's been a ton of fun. :D

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