I made an thing.

Not sure how much I'll use it, and not just because I haven't been doing much art lately. I don't like how they plan for it to be Instagram-like and only allow you to post from your phone; I mean, who has all their artwork on their phone??? πŸ‘€ And who likes typing things from their phone to begin with?????? πŸ‘€πŸ’¦

I'm aware that I am rapidly becoming An Oldβ„’, but hey, I'm on the thing, and my username is [a]rheall, because of course it is. πŸ‘

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@Rheall Yeah, I saw that they're focusing on the app(s) and will add a website later, and didn't bother. Good luck! :)

@Rheall :D I'm the same. I rather use the pc to upload and describe it than from my phone

@Rheall Thanks for that info. I was wondering if I had to look into that thing, but with a 16 year old mobile phone, I'm pretty sure their app won't work for me. :)

(And *you*'re worried you're becoming An Old. :P)

@Rheall Oh yeah, typing from the phone is like, you're signing up for everything spelled wrong by me, because I don't have spellcheck. and the tiny screen isn't helping to keep an overview. πŸ˜‚
Maybe they had tablet artists in mind who can directly upload from their iPad, idk. I hope the website comes soon. I like that there are community aspects with challenges and stuff, so that could be promising.

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