Good morning, happy Thursday!

Let's exchange some wisdom today ^.^ :frida_y_animalitos:

Share a piece of advice, or a tip, from your preferred style of working. It could be something you wished you'd known when you started out, a nifty hack you've discovered yourself that others could benefit from - anything you think might be useful to people starting out in that field!

:bob_ross: #MastoArt :mastoart:


@Curator A general rule of thumb:

If you have a warm light, you have a cool shadow. The shadow can often be the complimentary colour of your light. And vice versa for both of these.

You have warm yellow sunlight? 💛 Try a cool, purple shadow! 💜

Cool, blueish light? 💙 Try a warmer, orangey shadow. 🧡

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but it can really help break out of the shadow=black idea and give more depth to your shading. ☺️

@Rheall I am struggling in remembering to use complimentary colours for shadows and lights. But very cool advice. ✌🏻

@Rheall someone told me this years ago before i was doing much work in colour and it was hugely helpful

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