I feel like whenever I tried to study philosophy or critical theory in uni my lessons always went like this:

Prof: "So, it's like x."

Me: "Like x, got it"

Prof: "No, you misunderstand. It's xy."

Me: "Okay… xy. I get it."

Prof: "No, no, it's more than that. It's x(y+z)"

Me: "… soooo x(y+z)?"

Prof: "No, you're not listening, it's √(π(x(y+z))^(γ / φ))"

Me: 💥💥💥

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The only time I've cried when writing an essay was when I was driven to tears trying to write one about the Platonic Ideals. 🤬

To be fair, I got a Fine Arts degree, and even trying to relate to my peers on the same level about contemporary/modern fine art made be feel the same way, so ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

@Rheall Whenever I try to read something about philosophy it feels like that's not a language I understand anymore. There are so many words which seem to ... have a different meaning. Or a very precice meaning.
Though even if I know what they mean with the single words, often constructs are difficult to grasp, too.

So I also think it's very difficult to understand. XD

@Rheall For comparison: For me law texts (in German*) are difficult to read as well, but at least it's usually understandable what topic they're talking about and the general direction like whether something is now allowed or not. 🤔🤔

* My first language. I don't know how the level of difficulty compares to English law texts unfortunately.

@Rheall it's like math if math was being done by thousands of people each with a different fundamental story of what math is who are all quite convinced everyone else is doing math all wrong

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