Does anyone have any good resources for running your own Mastodon Instance that I could point people to? I want to encourage people to start their own instances and make more diverse communities, but it's really daunting without some kind of guide/introduction to the whole MastoAdmin thing.

I know about, are there any others out there? ^^


@Rheall That’s the site that inspired me to create! I love seeing small instances pop up. 😊

@Rheall What's the technical expertise of the audience? What is the tolerance for effort level of the audience?

"Nothing says cozy web like setting up running your own web domain" is a sarcastic post I always think of when I consider this question.

Who is the target of these resources? Everyone, or just tech people like me (and maybe you?)

@dualhammers I was thinking for complete tech newbs, more or less like me. So just pointing out resources to make setting up an instance easy, like, and some advice on what it's like to run an instance and why you might want to.

Just to make it seem less intimidating and get people thinking about the possibility if they never have before.

@Rheall I don't know of any newbie friendly ones myself but I think it is a good idea!

@Rheall look into it's basically a turnkey Debian server that then allows one click install of many different apps, mastodon is one of them. I recommend it to everyone, it's amazing!

I'm on my masto instance of one right now;)


@lps @Rheall +1 on #yunohost , set it up and its extremely easy to use. The DNS setup is one "advanced" part, but there is no way around that.

So, who's familiar with #yunohost?

The tools base looks fabulous - wider than Cloudron? But it requires hosting-your-own . . still a major (and lasting) stumbling block for many. How does Yunohost relate to the ambitions of #bonfire ex-CommonsPub?

If the promises and principles are solid this looks like a great infrastructure for People's Platforming. What experience do folks here have of yunihost? How old is the project, how stable as an initiative? how limited by funding?
@lps @Rheall

@mike_hales @Rheall I'm not sure of the age but it's maturing fast and super stable. I agree this is necessary for a people's platform, but not sure how it aligns with #bonfire Plus they have a super helpful community. Most of it automagically configures if you follow the setup closely. Oh I almost forgot it configures an xmpp and email server as well.

@mike_hales @Rheall As for hosting, you can host on an old PC, rasPi, or VPS plus they even provide a free subdomain * which takes care of all the DNS issues ... really, really awesome! I host #peertube #mastodon #wp and #nextcloud from an old Core2Duo with 4gb ram:)

Thanks 🧡 For me there's no possibility of self-hosting. Life's too short to be learning AN Other skillset!

But it does seem the world of FOSS, platforming and tools commons is maturing or crystallising quite significantly. My involvement is - a coop-run instance of BBB. We mean to host a programme of sessions exploring toolstack issues, alongside issues of solidarity economy and coop economy. See the Community category in the forum

I used yunohost for a year now. It run on an old computer (intel core 2) and use it mostly for nextcloud and wallabag. It is stable and secure. Weak point is the time it takes for updates to be ported.

It should be efficient for hosting mastodont as well, but I didn't tried.

@lps @Rheall

@mike_hales @lps @Rheall I've looked at #Yunohost and #HomeLabsOS which are both really great, but imho Cloudron is the better product (in spite of the fact it's only source available and developed in the open, but not actually #opensource).

A query about #bonfire.

Would it be fair to say bonfire isn't comparable to #yunohost or #cloudron, as vectors for the very many existing FLOSS apps? More like #holo maybe - inventing a parallel distributed universe, with its own - currently thin? - app ecosystem? How many apps are in the fediverse, at this time? The bonfire website doesn't seem to display this picture.
@jdaviescoates @lps @Rheall

@lps @Rheall if only it could be activated by "one deliberately intentioned nap", like a certain specific pose for the nap would install the server.

Install server (Y/n)? Doze 20 minutes for yes, blink twice for no.

@Rheall personally I suggests people to self host #pleroma because the resources required are less by far. @yunohost is an ideal way to quickly get on the #fediverse : simple server install, web based management and lots of #fediverse software for communities such as @matrix , #writefreely, #pleroma or #Mastodon , #funkwhale, #peertube
@jeroen @Rheall @matrix @yunohost Plus it's fully compatible with Masto. I did this last month and never looked back. Pleroma has excellent documentation too which made the installation very easy (and I don't even know Elixir)

@Rheall hey, just to explicitly say (because I didn't do so before, even though it was mentioned), I think the easiest way to do this would to use @cloudron - it makes it insanely easy to install, backup and update Mastodon (and @pixelfed and #PeerTube too), and it sorts out @letsencrypt certs and everything for you too.

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