Just out of curiosity, if someone with zero experience is interested in learning how to make music, preferably digitally, what software would be best for that? :thinking_rotate:

Hypothetically this person might also have access to a small midi keyboard, so compatibility with that would be useful too 👀

@Rheall do you know UbuntuStudio?
there are many app for make music.
with midi keyboard too.

@Rheall depends on the kind of music you want to make and the tech you have available. I recommend LMMS for loop-based digital music, Ardour if there's more analog instruments involved and Rosegarden if you just wanna compose stuff and make sheet music


maybe an orba (hardware) ...

i think there's no surrogate for feeling comfortable with sounds

maybe a korg or a drum machine:
cheap hardware that you can carry around and just play with sound

my only suggestion is to think about what part of music-making are you most interested in: sound color, sound organization, rhythm, song writing, ...
(may be more than one)

maybe music is only a means to an end ...

follow that. trust your feelings. good luck.

@Rheall hey hey! Just saw this, let’s talk! Windows 10, right? Just software, or hardware too?

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