I'm thinking we should start a hashtag for calming photos of moss.

How does sound to you all? 😁 Come join us! 🌱

Here's another photo, for luck! 🍀

@Rheall I wish I had a camera that could do macro that well. Moss is so good!

@Rheall Will this be the moss version of skybot? Will it show me "nice" pictures of moss? I could get down with that. 🙂

@Fritillaria2 @Rheall that reminds me of the moss growing in the carved letters of tombstones in Scotland

@ritualdust @Rheall It does! My favorite Facebook group is “Gravestone lichens”, with some wonderful photos of lichens (and moss). Very goth.

@Fritillaria2 @Rheall oh good to know I'll definitely check that out thanks! I'm a goth druid, goth moss is like a passion for me haha

@Rheall most vvonderful little forests vvorlds they are

@Rheall Oh my! You wouldn't happen to have like 4k, high-res versions of this (and maybe others like it)? This would make a *fanstastic* desktop wallpaper. 🤩

@Rheall A community that likes sharing photos of moss. Never knew I'd need something like that, now I can't get enough of #mosstodon. God, I love you folks.

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