Okay Mastodon folks! Opening up my island again for a little while.

:turnip: Turnips selling for 503 :ac_bells: bells each!

Dodo Code: HTKKD

No tips necessary. Just be kind, and leave via the airport when you go home. <3

Keep an eye on the replies to this toot in case I need to update the code or close for whatever reason. :)

Closed now! Thank you to everyone who dropped by. :da_cuddle:

(If you missed anything or left anything behind, let me know! I can always open up for you again.)

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@Rheall how busy's it been, and what's your local fruit? i've got a zillion cherries i need to unload, but didn't bother with turnips

@Rheall I just gave my girlfriend your code. I’m not with her at the moment, but we’ve never visited another person’s island before, so she’s kind of nervous! I’ll let you know if she agrees to drop by!

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