@Rheall hey there, I've been trying to find an instance to set up an Animal Crossing focussed alt account, and saw that you have these super awesome emojis here which made me think comicscamp.club would be a good fit, so if that is something you'd be ok with having on your instance, I would love an invite 😁 If not, sorry to bother you and have a good day :blobcat:

ACNH - Lots of emojis 

@Rheall Awww so adorable!

ACNH - Lots of emojis 

@Rheall double like for Celeste!!!!

ACNH - Lots of emojis 

@Rheall oh my goodness these are so! cute!

The AC discord I'm in would love to use these, may I put them in there? I'll be sure to credit you in our announcements channel

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