Hey folks!

In an hour and 10 minutes (that's at 8:00pm PST) my awesome friend Eric Fell will be livestreaming a D&D game for the Critical Hit Show on his Twitch channel, here: twitch.tv/ericfell (Twitter here: twitter.com/critshow/)

If you like TTRPGS, improv comedy, and wonderful people making the best of a crappy situation, turn in! It's free! :D


Eric has been running the Critical Hit Show for eight years now, the last Wednesday of every month, to full audiences at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. He's the DM, and his improv friends play their characters live on the stage. It's such a wonderful show and I love it very much!

We collaborated on a comic version of the show here: criticalhitcomic.com/

The current crisis means they can't put on the show to help pay the rent, so tune in and enjoy (and donate if you can!). :da_ahoy:

(Oh, and please :boost_ok: those posts so more people can see! :da_cuddle:)

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