Sam and Penny. ☺️

Only Leah left to do and that’s all the marriageable finished! :da_faint:

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Oh no, I made Gunther handsome :O

(And George, though I’m not that happy with him. Going to make some edits.)

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Kent! :da_salute:

(Marked as sensitive just in case someone doesn't want to see a mid-game character. ^^)

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And just thought I'd post these here for posterity… I finished Harvey, Jas, Sebastian, Pierre, Elliott, and Shane first, but I haven't included them in this thread yet. Here they are. ^^

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Went back to do more with Marnie. Not sure if I like it any better than the original, but at least I gave it a shot! ^^

Made some Marnie edits. I'll probably go back and make edits to a few of these before I release them for download. ^^

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Made some long overdue edits to some of my Stardew Valley portraits. Feeling really good about them. :D Thinking I'll keep them under wraps for the final release though… ;)

Only a few more left to go and I'll be finished! :da_faint:

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Willy! 🎣

I'm really happy with how he turned out. :da_grin:

(Redrafted because I forgot to change the privacy level of the toot… d'oh!)

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