I finally got my mum and my sister to start using Signal, which means I can *FINALLY* fully delete my FB account! :da_w00t:

I've had it deactivated for a long while now, so I could continue to use Messenger to chat with them both. Now I'm free to finally be rid of it. :da_boogie:

Good riddance to bad rubbish! :da_ahoy:

@Rheall Woohoo! My mom and sister also use it but it is frustrating getting asked everywhere I go (travel seems to warrant it more often) if I have whatsapp. A guy in spain lectured me that 'here we use whatsapp' and then told me all about it and there was no way to get a word in edgewise about having had and then deleted the stupid thing. Hopefully one day soon I'll be rid of everything like you! Congratulations!!

@Rheall YAAAY! I've had a Signal group chat going for about eighteen months now with the friends I'm still regularly in touch with from high school. Two of us don't have Facebook and another deleted his a few months ago, and we're a mix of iOS and Android. Signal was the easiest cross-platform secure messaging client to get people to sign up for.

@Rheall In a few months it'll be two years since I dropped fb. Life and human connection are sooooooooooooo nice without it hahaha! Good for you!

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