@Rheall what a ride!
I was just checking out comicscamp and found your sketch there and was like "Damn, such a nice loose sketching style, I should practice something like that" so I switched back to .art to fave it and find that... you're the curator WTF, I never looked into it, I only ever saw the curator as taken over by a new entity, now there's a person attached to it, and all because I thought a sketch on another instance was cool :D

@Ayior Aww, this was very sweet to wake up to! :da_cuddle:

I love it when connections are found between people and entities and things come together. ^^

Also, thank you for the kind words on my sketch! I don't do a lot of drawing these days, but it means a lot to know you like what I make when I get around to it. 💙

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