Dennis sees my sketchbook lying on the coffee table and says, "Oh! Were you doing some drawing?"

I cringe– I immediately feel a shock of shame and guilt. My initial reflex was to say "no" so I didn't have to explain how I failed, or show him the measly ten-second scribble I managed to get out. Pitiful.

"Yeah…" I say, reluctantly "But nothing came of it."

"That's okay," he says, and I feel a curious sense of relief? "The point is you tried. A bad drawing is better than no drawing."

Wow. 😭 💗

It's funny how I tell myself these things every day: My worth does not equal my productivity, any drawing is better than none, etc. but it was such a relief to hear it come from him, and have no obligation or expectation of showing him the outcome or try to explain why it was hard or why it didn't work out.

Just acceptance and encouragement, without the need for a productive result. It felt so nice. ☺️

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