3 Things that aren't in my profile:

1. I played clarinet for eight years in school. I miss it a lot. (I was first chair, but that doesn't mean much 'cos my high school band sucked.)

2. My second choice of major in college/uni was Geography… third choice Physical Anthropology!

3. I can usually identify different kinds of manure just by smell. Yay for being a farm kid! ;)

I was tagged by @David_A_Webcomic! :da_dance: I tag: @nebulos @pollomostro @virtualwolf (if you want to!)

3 Things that aren't in my profile:

1. I have never broken a bone, but I was also considerably more responsible as a child than as an adult.

2. I enjoy collecting rocks and seashells much more than I enjoy having them. Therefore there are lots of random shell scattered throughout my house.

3. I have my notebook / stationary situation down solid. I only ever buy one kind of notebook and foresee exactly zero need to ever change in the future.

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