Hello! It's me, trying to get back into Mastodon. It takes a few tries for a new social network to take hold, right?


@lubellwoo Lucyyyy!!! :da_la:

It's okay, take your time! And let me know if you need anything. :da_w00t:

@Rheall Hi Fren! How's it been running your instance?

@lubellwoo ComicsCamp.Club has been lovely, with a small and friendly group of regulars. It feels really homey and warm, just what I like. :)

Mastodon.ART has been POPPING OFF the last couple of days! We've had over 1k sign-ups just in the last two days. 🤯 I love it, but oof it's been a lot of work! XD

I'm sorry to hear about that stingray sting! D: Sounds like there might be a good story behind it, though? ^^;

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