Collecting spring flowers. I imagine her name is "Muriel". 🌷 🌿 πŸ’œ

Made in :clip_studio_paint: using one of @FRENDEN's new ink brushes.


This is Belinda! She's on her way to visit her friend Muriel. ☺️ πŸ’š

Made in :clip_studio_paint: using one of @FRENDEN's new ink brushes.

(Yes I know they're wearing clothes from two totally different eras, this is my fantasy make-believe world of anthropomorphic clothes-wearing animals I can do what I waaaaaant :dont_at_me: :da_ahoy: )

Made a couple edits that were bugging me, mainly the ear markings, which I forgot. :da_sweat: It should be good now!

This is Marigold! As you can see, there's nothing she loves more than a dance! :rainbowdance: 🎊 πŸ’ƒ

Made in :clip_studio_paint: using one of @FRENDEN's new ink brushes.

First thing I thought when I saw this: oh look, it's Daniel Striped Tiger (from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood) in drag. Cool. Looks good.

@PalmerAnimates aww, that's such a sweet comparison! Thank you. 😊

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