A friend of mine asked for resources for her to study human anatomy, and I thought maybe I'd share the links here, too!

The thread will be a few toots long, so I'll put them under a CW. ^^

So here we go! Art anatomy/life drawing references ahoy! :bob_ross:

Resources for drawing humans 

Resources for drawing humans 

Resources for drawing humans 

Resources for drawing humans 

Resources for drawing humans 

That's it for now… if I think of anything else I'll add it! Feel free to reply with your own links and resources, too! I'd be happy to learn of more. :make_like_edmonia:

@Rheall I've used SenshiStock for years as a source for pose references!

There are no nude images (everyone's wearing a leotard), but they have a great variety of models and plenty of fun action-y poses!

@katwylder Oh, yes! SenshiStock has been an amazing resource for YEARS! Thanks for linking it! :D

@Rheall My favorite thing is that all the models are just regular people who enjoy it. So there's a good variety of body shapes and sizes 😄

Resources for drawing humans 


If you want more book recommendations:

The old books are very costly and in German - But that doesn't matter since the text is a trippy mess even for native speakers...
The images however are extremely enlightening! He was a teacher for (non digital) Sculptors and his approach is based on a solid understanding of structure and function. And his teaching method has a good flow.
He has also a few for animals

@inanna ooooh, awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. ☺️

@Rheall A good book if you want to just study images that break down the musculature and what not is Morpho by Michael Lauricella. It's really not shy about genitalia and its placement as well as has some nice diagrams of fat deposits on the body.

I particularly like his breakdowns of the shapes of hands and feet as I struggle with those a lot.

@Rheall Also worth noting the book is also available in Spanish and German.

He has some other books further detailing the human skeleton as well as simplified shapes and in May there will be a book that is all about fat and skin. I haven't picked the other ones up but I'm probably gonna get the fat one when I can.

@averybee Aww, yay! I'm so glad! :D I'll be sure to update the thread if I come across any other good resources. ☺️

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