#ActivityPubForWordPress are plugins for WordPress sites that add support for the ActivityPub standard.

This means people can follow the WordPress site from ActivityPub-powered services such as Mastodon etc.

There are a couple of such plugins right now:

"ActivityPub" by @pfefferle

"PteroType" by @jdormit wordpress.org/plugins/pterotyp

#AlternativesAtoZ #ActivityPub #WordPress #Fediverse

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Happy Friday, campers!!

We have some great news today! Registrations are now open for the 2019 Alaska Robotics Mini-Con and Comics Camp!

Comics Camp inspired this instance, and is full of the most talented, kind, and supportive people in the business. If you're a newbie (like me, @Rheall) or a pro, Comics Camp will teach you things and provide unforgettable memories.

Just take a look at this star-studded guest list: minicon.alaskarobotics.com/201

Apply here: minicon.alaskarobotics.com/com

*Boing! Boing! Boing!* 😁

Potential new hero image for the instance.

#mastoart #illustration #mastodon #goofy

I made those fade in/out transitions work! ...by basically rewriting the entire structure of the menus. But, this new structure makes it easier to add extra buttons like "back" buttons, so it's still a win.


Hey, you. Yes, you.

You look great today and I think you're pretty cool.

Keep doing what you're doing.


There are no ads or algorithms here on #Mastodon manipulating your feed. See & enjoy who & what you want at your pace & in the order that people you enjoy post. - Enjoy & thanks for supporting the :fediverse: Fediverse & your @ instance.

"71% of respondents said that content on their social media feeds makes them angry–which is exactly what social media companies want–and even more are suspicious of the way algorithms are manipulating their experiences online."


these sheep are excessively cute, i wish to meet them one day

I just posted a ton of stuff about the Camazotz art doll I made a while back with my friend Julio ( twitter.com/penago5 ) for Patrons!
✨final doll: patreon.com/posts/throwback-22
✨design: patreon.com/posts/camazotz-des
✨concept art and a ton of sketches: patreon.com/posts/camazotz-con

Well, goodnight. Tzag ^^
È tardi, è tardi. Buonanotte.

Morning, beautiful people.

Hey, be nice to yourself today. Take some time to just slow down and re-center.

There is always going to be something to do. Make the time to care for yourself a practice.

You can also nab a print (use code AIH687AF for 10% discount!) or support me on Patreon, it’s been completely revamped in the last weeks and I’m posting there much more often now!
Thank you for reading and as always thank you for your support! signal boosting would be appreciated!

prints: inprnt.com/gallery/monarobot/

patreon: patreon.com/monarobot

Hi all! Sooo... I was a wee bit ill (by a wee bit I mean holy freaking heck soooo goddamn sick ow) the last couple of weeks, and sick = not doing nuthin' = I'm running low on $$$ to fend off the ravenous bill monsters.

I ain't the sort to ask for donations at times like this (loads of folks need it more) but I do have some arty stuff to offload, if any y'all might be interested. Hence, a quick lil' advertising thread incoming, boosts much and eternally appreciated 💖

#mastoart #artist

I'm so proud of my design and how it was actualized! It took months of back and forth, but it's finally just as adorable as I conceptualized and I can't wait to have it with me at the gaming table. forfansbyfans.com/feature/drag #critrole #critters #criticalrole #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #tabletopgaming

Just put this giant monster sloth in the city print up for sale! It's an actual aquatint etching and it's already mounted up nice: etsy.com/uk/listing/644617204/
#print #artforsale #kaiju #drawing #mastoart

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