Hello! I'm @cryptovexillologist, and I make Parhelion, a comic about pirates and warlords and middle-managers trying to get by and love each other in a weird political disaster of a galaxy.

The Comic Itself: parhelioncomic.com/

Support: patreon.com/parhelion

Bonus Content: orbispelagium.itch.io/

If you're interested in the Discord server, just ask!

Some highlights of special projects:

Xenosartorial, a fashion zine!


The main zine is free, but $2 gets you some portraits of ~Alternate Timelines~.


Cross Sections, an anniversary special inspired by those books of Star Wars schematics

But here, each one is compiled by someone who's kinda biased and out of the loop


Wanderers, four short stories about strange planets

Not Parhelion, but deals with a lot of similar themes: exploration, tyranny, ambition for good or evil


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