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Hello! I'm @cryptovexillologist, and I make Parhelion, a comic about pirates and warlords and middle-managers trying to get by and love each other in a weird political disaster of a galaxy.

The Comic Itself:


Bonus Content:

If you're interested in the Discord server, just ask!

Sorta gross biotech cocoon 

As we enter the final handful of finished Parhelion pages, I’m happy with its final state as the type of grandiose, deeply-flawed project that every artist has to make

It’s taught me so much about workflow and long-term project management, and helped sharpen my view of the themes and aesthetics I want to work with

THE GWO HIVE- Eusocial hive insects that suddenly gained full sapience, and now struggle with “how do we make a just society from here?” Constant pentagon motifs and grandiose vertical sprawl.

THE (TBD) FACTORIUM- An industrial society on the brink of collapse, which became post-scarcity in the nick of time, and is now a preposterous constant LARP of an industrialized rat race. Coked-out Italian Futurist aesthetic.

The five primary factions of this setting:

EXTRALEGAL SPACE- Officially-designated “Anarchy Zone”, medieval Icelandic aesthetic with occasional pirate flourishes.

VERDANT LEAGUE- Extremely good terraformers, promising “The Stone Will Bloom”. Strict policy of only working on lifeless planets. Dutch engineering/Kibbutz aesthetic.

IRIDIUM THRONE- Eugenicist theocracy led by clones of its leader, now decayed to the point of serious fitness-to-hold-office crisis.


“Welcome to Extralegal Space.

If you seek to recklessly harm the common good, you will be damned twice- once by your peers, then by posterity for vindicating every grasping tyrant.

If you believe in flourishing without the sword and shield of the state, step forth.”

(Part of an unnamed setting that's basically "not-NOT-Parhelion")

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Introducing Senators of the Solar Symposium!

Once I realized that I’d have to sunset Parhelion, I set about making a gratuitously self-indulgent standalone project to cheer myself up.

And here it is: nine alien politicians, ranging from “heroic” to “hilariously dysfunctional” with everything in between. Taking cues from Star Wars extras, weird legal history on Earth, Terra Ignota, and more.

Get it for free (or name your price) now!

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Making a zine of alien politicians, a bit over halfway done, and here's what I have so far:

(Some of my favorite cuts below)

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@Parhelion always gonna be sad about things wrapping up, but gonna be happy that you're gonna make so much more now that you've gone this far!

Parhelion's great and we'll all look back on it with pride! thanks for making something so special~

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I have a bittersweet bombshell of a news post, lads

In sum: I don't think I'll be able to devote the time and energy to the comic to do it justice, so I'll sunset it after the current queue runs out (which will finish this chapter), convey the remaining story structure how I best see fit, and expand on Parhelion's themes and aesthetics in future work

More detail and gratitude are in the post:

Some things I'm disappointed I (probably) won't get to show in comic form:

-the pseudo-woke Yima colonial governor in their mansion atop a space elevator

-Peter's incendiary anarchist ancestor leading a revolution with an exiled prince

-A bittersweet finale montage of different plot threads

I'll think of something, I at least want to make a Highlight Reel of sorts

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