It was very quiet today and all the tiny birds seemed very bold. A wren perched on a headstone just a couple of feet away from me for a while, though I didn't get a picture sadly. 2/2

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Went for a walk round Abney Park cemetery in the winter sun this morning ☀️❄️🌳 1/2

I love this illustration of an alkonost (from Russian folklore It's from 1905, by Ivan Bilibin.

Just rewatched Laputa / Castle In The Sky, which has been my favourite film for as long as I can remember.

It's SO beautiful, and I appreciate the 'miners, farmers, robots, trees, and pirates VS the government, the military, and the monarchy' message.

Plus there's a steam train chase, magic rocks, and a lot of explosions 😍

I don't know what this tiny punk animal is but I love her

wip comics colouring 

Here's a collage I made today from other paintings I wasn't super keen on. You can't tell from the scan but the background is metallic paint with a lot of texture. I really like it! Something kind of stormy, surreal, and ominous about it (for me anyway 😊)

Another recent vintage purchase: a pretty tea set! The teapot is a replica, but the cups and saucers are around 90 years old 😮 They're so delicate they actually *float* when I'm washing them up.

Went to see some art yesterday! My favourite pieces were by Jeanne Mammen, who documented the lives of women in Weimar era Berlin, including lesbian subculture. Look at this (bad photo of a) wonderful illustration from 1928, called "She Represents!"

More about her here (cw Nazism, of course):

I've been enjoying the deep silliness of the recent IDW Star Trek TNG Mirror Universe comics and feel compelled to share these choice panels showing beefy boy Mirror Data

Reminder that Max Schreck as Count Orlock in the original Nosferatu, almost 100 years ago, was actually pretty damn terrifying.

(cw for deeply unnerving eye contact)

I got Octavia's Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements anthology as a gift! 😃 Been wanting to read it for ages

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