Happy ! Meet Ditto, who came to live with us about six months ago 🥰

post, let's go!

🌳 I'm Sarah, I live on the edge of Epping Forest in London, UK with my partner & our cat Ditto.

📖 I'm interested in & have had a few & short stories published recently.

📚 I love (mostly & indie) & occasionally do some colouring.

🎨 I like & love seeing all your !

🖖 I'm also interested in & sometimes toot / boost about &

I was looking through the pics on my phone and found Gustave Doré's moody Satan from Paradise Lost just chilling there

I went into Clip Studio and messed with the levels to make a neon version of my eyeshadow painting. I like this one even more I think 😄

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This was fun to make. I have an eyeshadow palette I'm not getting much use out of right now 🙄 and I crushed up some colours and mixed them with PVA glue to make paint 😊 The scan doesn't capture the metallics, sadly - it's much more sparkly IRL!

Happy ! This is a dwarf epauletted fruit bat, apparently 😊🦇

It was very quiet today and all the tiny birds seemed very bold. A wren perched on a headstone just a couple of feet away from me for a while, though I didn't get a picture sadly. 2/2

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