Hoping masto might be able to help with this: I have a *beautiful* old silver ring set with a perfect opal. But I don't wear it because the points of the little stars catch on everything and stab me. I'd be grateful for suggestions for ways that the ring could be altered to make it less stabby? Either, I dunno, filing it down a bit or somehow incorporating the whole thing into a larger band?

food mention 

Have you heard of Gef the Talking Mongoose? He is an excellent ghost creature / cryptid (more info here: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gef) A few years back I made a glow-in-the-dark model of him as a gift for @zenithed, still quite proud of it 😊

50s horror comic cover 

50s horror comic, death mention 

50s horror comic, death mention 

50s horror comic, skulls, death mention 

50s horror comic, death mention 

50s horror comic, death mention 

I'm working my way through the golden age horror comics at comicbookplus.com/ and thought I'd share some of my favourite panels and pages. Some made me laugh and some I just love the colours. This one is a bit of both:

Paper Cat Press do a weekly round up of jobs and stuff for writers, illustrators, animators and comic creators. Here's a link to the one that went out today: papercatpress.com/2019/11/29/w (you might all know about it already but just in case you didn't and it's useful!)

Finished flatting a page - so satisfying! Started thinking about base colours too.

Rendering isn't the most interesting part for me but I'm going to have fun doing some special effects on the neon sign 😊

Pencils and inks by Fendiin on DeviantArt, page 1 of 2 from a comic called Ravenous (I believe the lady is queen of the werewolves)

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