Drew 2 1/2 more pages of Chains today, after a long break while I worked on Transformed. Revisiting it is kind of hard! I guess I still have a lot of emotions tied up in it, I just think about them less now.

If I'm lucky I'll have it concluded in time for VanCAF, and have a print copy with me for people to read.

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(hi i'm feeling slightly less babby now that i'm actually.. posting pages, haha....)

hello! i'm Summer Catterfly, a cat who draws, has too many ocs, and is frantically slapping at their tablet.

I'm tues/fri posting the first chapter of my nascent webcomic Subtleties, which is a mystery story following a psychopomp (and her friends).

Revisiting old pages between working on new ones, and it really is incredible how much difference a year or two if practice can make - new tones makes this like a whole new panel!

But then, I'm also about to hit the really Hard part so... we'll see.

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Drew two more pages of Chains today, after a long break. Hoping to wrap it up soon. I'll probably post them tomorrow?

fwooo, haven't had the brain power to post here for a bit. @_@

still working on ch 5, though it feels kind of like I'm spinning my wheels at the moment. I spent about 4 hours today penciling but the overall product doesn't look any more done than it did before.

(Currently I'm trying to catch up on Transformed, but I do still intend to finish chains at some point)

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Back in the comics saddle and everything I'm drawing SUCKS. Gotta shake three weeks of rust off!

Buh. I should really get around to figuring out non-tumblr hosting for Transformed!. It already has a mirror on tapas, but I don't really want to use an aggregate site like that as the primary site.


My arms get tired very quickly right now. There's still a chunk of story to go, but I hope to wrap this up soonish.

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I'll probably be pretty quiet comicswise for the next couple of weeks, but I look forward to seeing what you all make!

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Gosh, lotta new campers today. Hello!

Man this little comic project has gotten... significantly more of a response than anticipated, lol. Hope you guys enjoy being along for the ride.

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I'm such a big fan of these 💯 emoji knock-offs. Keep 'em coming, fediverse!

:100a: :1000: :100_gay: :oof: :valid: :yikes:

(That third panel is absolutely difficult to read and not something I'd ever include in a professional work, but it matches how difficult the sentiment was to express)

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