I've recently felt the itch to make comics again, so I'm working on a little 13-page one shot about my fairy guys. Gotta say it feels really nice to dive back into it! I've spent so much time making traditional comics, it's just a deeply comforting activity for me.
I'm also trying some new things, for example I want to use more light-and-dark areas for stronger compositions. I'll share the result when it's finished.

The second chapter of Dreammakers Beyond The Door is now uploaded!

You can find the webcomic on Tapas: tapas.io/series/Dreammakers-be

or deviantArt: fav.me/ddxaxhy

Dreammakers beyond the Door has launched! 😊 πŸŽ‰ The first few pages of the comic are up and new ones will be added at a rather quick pace:

Tapas: tapas.io/series/Dreammakers-be
Tumblr: dmverse.tumblr.com/tagged/dmbt
deviantArt: fav.me/ddu8xa5

I would like to begin sharing my new webcomic soon. My current plan is to upload pages on deviantArt, Tumblr and Tapas, but how about here? Is there a convenient way to interlink uploaded pages here, or should I rather just post the occasional heads-up with links to the other sources? πŸ€”

Yesterday I wanted to find out how many pages of lineart I could get done in a single day. I managed to finish 4!
Here's a tiny Dike from one of them. 😊

Coming up with posters and drawings for Erisa's room was suprisingly fun! It's neat to show a little bit more of her character and interests πŸ˜„

The lineart for DM2 is taking forever, but at least I have plenty of material for memes XD


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