...of course the background isn't yet finished!

Sneak-peek of the second page i'm working on....

Father, mother Anthro-wolf.... and -one of their- son!

Penciled page, inked and coloured with , background colorized by

Working on characters références, so i can continue the webcomic pages...

Strange to finally have proper référence sheet for characters, some of them i even draw for years. For one i'm working on today, i remember having drew her very first doodle somewhere in 2008...so it's kinda weird to finally work on her definitive appearence only 11 years later!

But i need these final références to properly continue the comic pages!

First page of the remake posted!

to prepare the page patron. Preparing the bubbles, frames etc...

to do the page drawing.

to do the inking, colouring and colourising.

to do the final assembly.


... i'm a bit slow on this comic... this is because i'm -finally- creating the graphic reference sheet for all my -anthro- characters and this is a LOT of work! Also i'm workink on another project idea i have on the side (project who will maybe also be a comic but this is not entirely defined yet)...so the rythm will be a bit slow for a certain amount of time... but i'm still happy that i did finish this one!

Today or tomorrow, the first page of the "re-re-....make" will be put on Comicfury!

The page is drawed with , then the background is " 'ed" via , i try to keep the pencil-effect on the background (no much of it is seen on this little picture), inking and complète colouring is done with .

I began to use another software to prepare the pages (notably the speech bubbles that were a real pain-in-the-Arsch to draw in the last version).
So now i print the "patron'page" and do the draw!

I welcomed to help me with this particular step!

And while at it...

Another one, after the GmfAn Foxes, of course the GmfAn Wolves!

A good opportunity to work my "rendering" of these "humanimalistics" characters, on the previous version i tried to colorise the fur" with too much details hence they looked way too much "textured". Seems that making less details and "simpler" is enough!
But i think that with more darkness i will have to use this "overtexturing" effect. I will have good occasion to try this on this very episode!

Repost of my Masto.ART...

So after realizing that, seeing a lot of plot issues and graphical ones, i wasn't satisfied of the version i was working on...
After asking a webcomic reviewer for an honest review of my 11 pages, and getting helpful remarks, i decided (one more tiiime) to restart my comic. I'm still working on the story a lot but there is some pages i did redrew entirely, and with a graphical enhancement i'm really happy with...

Here is a glance of the first one i'm...reworking on...

Hello everycampers!

I'm the creator of "Algonquine", a serie following Algonquine, a female GmfA Wolf ( GMfA designate "created-by-human-Anthro" ) originated from the AnimAeDeN project and her adventures among the human society that she will have to face with her very Wolfish personality.

I'm reworking every pages of the previous version (11 were done), because i was unsatisfied (plot-side and graphic-side) so with an external-review giving me lot of hints i decided to rework everything!


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